Orange firefighters are preparing for the next fire.

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The HFC’s firefighters rescued trapped upside-down truck and shut giant fires like the civilian fire fighters and vowed that their stations will no longer be a disaster as a disaster. Was hot.

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מחבר: דניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

In the next three months are indicated for Carmel fire disaster, a disaster which killed 44 people. Lessons from the traumatic event cut all the various bodies
Of the State of Israel, and the IDF, who was a major relief force during the rampage, decided to implement a large part of the territory, painful conclusions are presented below. Shortly before the beginning of the new year, took last week’s fire in the home front command the rank lights, helmets and presented an optimistic picture of miomanotam for coping with the fire.

The unit of the Central District, which is responsible for six, firefighting training kit
Five days.  The first days were devoted to technical and theoretical knowledge and practice,
Incorporated in training exercise concludes in Kfar Saba, which practiced rescuing trapped in a car accident.
Roads, forest fires in the two centers and water-like civilian firefighters.

In the first scenario the team faced a practitioner with a truck upside down, threatening to crush the trapped beneath it. “The truck and pulled the people out. Of course, it all sounds simple, but it’s a very complicated and dangerous, requiring professional care, “the IDF site the unit commander of the Central District, Captain (Ret.) Dan yosefsberg. Later, the firefighters went to fire real orange. “In this part
The exercise tested how acting in terms of the pump, and explored how to team focus and disable it, just as we expected, “said.

Following the disaster: more training, better equipment and more firefighters

As part of the lessons of the disaster, purchased new equipment for firefighters and orange changed the training quota. “Following the disastrous personal shield purchased protecting firefighters. The equipment is State-of-the-best and serves us all “, Commander of the unit. “Besides, there is a change in the level of training and training techniques. If you ever do a third training unit once a year, all the soldiers reached the five-day exercise, “he said.

Also do refresh of manpower. “A lot of work on the soldiers themselves: fresh new personnel of another air force, out following pltano and worn, and added officers and commanders matter. Somewhere just re-did the unit, Capt.
(RES) yosefsberg.

Expertise, training and equipment allow creating quality skins during emergency shutdown forces and civilian rescue (also called “blue fire”). “Today we
All civilian firefighter may bring a military firefighter and double the amount of manpower, “said Commander of the firefighters,” they will never be firefighters because blue five days a year is not something, but what I expected it to be firefighting addition when it comes to water supply and water lines, and a thousand and one actions that are part of the process. The thing in our hands to help. “

When will the emergency military firefighters had a lot to offer. “We create great skins and as caramel called iFIT unit, for example, the island of Kfar Saba. We raise the Orange unit, the emergency event it may rise civil firefighters and Orange will station itself, “explained Captain (Ret.) yosefsberg. “The personnel and professional quality to it, and the other gives the answer in current treatments. The situation today is better than a few years ago, both in terms of manpower and means, “he stressed.

“The punch” Punch “.

Those changes also experienced firefighters in Orange Sgt. (Res.) Israel Ashkenazi, who served until 2006 as really shutting down air force aviation, was pleased and amazed, especially the quality of the exercise. “Sunday morning at the Firehouse
Kfar Saba received all the uniforms, protective systems and equipment, and all was ticked away and in good condition, “he said. “Right gear from a to z, and save on refresh
Information and theoretical information and felt a lot of confidence right from the start, “said,” as a reserve that comes once a year is important to professional explanation to remember everything.
It was the biggest exercise that took part, mainly because we were a small team and disciplined “.

Sgt. (Ret.) Ashkenazi, who came from a family that, reserve it by law, yet worried about leaving his job every year and volunteer. “I love it and enjoy contributing and eyes each have to contribute to the country,” he said, “Although I lose a job every year, I continue to go to reserve, ‘ not on my watch ‘ disaster because of the lack of knowledge or lack exercise, which becomes particularly important when you realize that this is a human life.”

Also the only Commander, Captain (Ret.) Dan yosefsberg agree with subordinate astray. “I hope we don’t need help, but I’m sure that if Israel comes to the contour you will need to protect your neck, or intense action of clearing fires, be like a punch punch Orange and add significant strength to the existing system,” he stated.

Translated from Hebrew