Orange flame exercise 6 “succeeded:” improved health system readiness. “

The HFC collaborated with security and civilian organizations to exercise including the Northern terrorist attack scenario described in the Northeastern cities of non conventional and practice hospitals and local authorities.

תאריך: 02/12/2011, 13:12    
מחבר: אופיר הגלילי, אתר צה”ל

The security system in cooperation with the home front command and the Ministry of health, this week hosted exercise including the Northern space – “orange flame”. The exercise scenario envisions non-conventional terrorist attacks on northern towns and practice ready hospitals and health clinics in the region.

Exercise “orange flame” takes place routinely in the sixth year, as every year, practiced since district. “The aim of the exercise is to improve the health system readiness and to practice it,” said Brig. Gen. (Res.) Ze’ev Snir, Assistant Defense Minister for Foreign Affairs
Defensiveness. “The State of Israel in a very good shape, exercises and enhanced scenarios
Readiness and awareness-very high anymore as of today. ” He noted that “the likelihood of such an event to occur is low, but the importance is willing as Greece in the event of an epidemic outbreak how to cope is the same.

“The exercise began when a large amount of patients with infectious diseases and symptoms similar
Have been discovered throughout the province, “Deputy Commander of the medicine of the home front command, Maj. liad Aviram. “When Greece quantity exceeding that was terrorism but don’t know where
The disease. It can be transmitted through fleas bacteria to anthrax envelopes, exercise the power to find out what is the generator that spread the disease, “he said.

One of the main exercise was extensive collaboration between a large number of civilian bodies.
And military. In addition to the home front command, also participated in the exercise, local authorities in northern Israel, police, fire fighting, environmental protection Office, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the water authority.
“An event is so complex, cannot be treated by the health care system and the home front command. Integration with all the citizens — charged reality – which is why we practice it, “explained head defense, Lt. Col. Bella Azaria.

“The purpose of the HFC is an artist also all systems participating in the exercise to prepare for the possibility of dividing too immediate for drugs”, said the Chief of the home front command of medicine, Col. avi abergil.

Expected in the coming months the Ministry of Defense to conduct additional exercises non-conventional terrorism as part of increasing Israel’s preparations for this threat.

Translated from Hebrew