Order of wings: birds mark 30 years of cooperation with the IDF

The annual symposium was held in the presence of the bird and focused cooperation between the researchers and the Israel Defense Forces, leading to a significant reduction in air accidents. New תר”ש birding recently approved air force

תאריך: 11/12/2012, 13:05    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

After thirty years in which the IDF established the bird חמ”ל 24-hour blocked flights in bird migration, protect nesting areas and reduce aircraft accidents involving birds by 70%, the annual symposium was dedicated to cooperation between bird air force birds.

At the Conference, which took place yesterday (Monday) at Tel Aviv University, senior officers and stuff discussed in detail the best ways to share the airspace between the pilots for birds of the safety forces and protecting the environment. The Conference awarded scholarships named four officers and soldiers who were linked to the world of birds and killed during military service.

Chief, which Captain Abdul Shamir was given a scholarship namesake fell under Conference,
He said at the Conference that “I came to honor Israel protectors-those who protect the Earth and defenders
About fauna, flora and its heritage. We indicate many years of joint defence action even on Airmen and birds. The significantly growing the accidents involving migratory birds. We are committed to minimizing as much as possible the environmental impact that we train and operate. ” At the same time, stressed that “while the army and the security challenges that we face them, make no mistake-maintaining state security in the first place.

It also spoke at the Conference, head Brig. Gen. amikam norkin, birding education activities when he was a squadron leader. “It took us a long time to realize the importance of the issue,” said רל”א,” the air force is today elsewhere, keeping the warriors and saves huge resources. But we need to further challenges, and only recently have approved a new multi-year program about bird watching. “

Head of birdwatching in the air force, Maj. Oded, lectured at the Conference and presented data showing a decline of 70% in air accidents involving birds after early efforts
Military courts. The bird רמ”ד gratitude to the amateur birders throughout the country, which he said is moving directly over 30% of the situation a bird
The air force and the fertile research methods.

The officials emphasized that the birding world is just one of the many collaborations between the IDF to environmental protection.
Chairman of the Israel nature and Parks Authority (ג’ומס), Auron (two of his senior officers in the air force), said at the Conference that “our investments and the IDF should not conflict but for violations and also helps the world’s greatest force and birding projects.”

Translated from Hebrew