Outstanding reserve soldiers of the Harel Brigade “won a scholarship to study

This is the first time that civilian business grants scholarships to soldiers who are in regular service. קמל”ר: think more organizations take part in the token array

תאריך: 27/03/2012, 18:44    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Approximately 15 outstanding photo’s Harel Brigade were obtained last weekend scholarships due to reserve duty. Scholarships, awarded on behalf of
Bank Hapoalim, are in fact the first time that civilian business grants scholarships to soldiers who are in regular service.

The project was initiated in last May Bank members when one of them, Maj. (Ret.)
June, serves as regimental operations officer, in conjunction with the direct association. The award includes 100,000 dollars donation each year for three years, when 40 thousand dollars invested in the Regiment, and the rest of the money is awarded to 15 soldiers and commanders who Meg and choose marrow and excellence in their academic period. According to Col. Itzik Ronen, marrow, the soldiers who recognized coming to marine reserves and ongoing activities of technological training and employment.

Harel legendary Division which was established during the Palmach and took part in the war
The release is considered even today to reserve Division excels and leads. The Division’s Commander, Colonel
Ronen told the IDF website that grant scholarships is part of thinking to reward soldiers
And commanders. “This is a significant precedent. We are in an era of military society and wonder what is the location of the array. This event indicates a change in recent years with respect to reserves which take the burden. I believe that if you help one company the remaining 99 percent understand the meaning of merit, and the company will begin to move towards the reserve personnel and esteem “, said Col. Ronen.

The officer, Brig. Gen. Shuki Ben Anat said that “the project is important. It’s not just about adopting the Division but instead personal touch is very important in the life of man. This is the real deal with complicate the reservists, and the project is designed to help them, at least on of the school “.

He added Brig. Gen. Ben Anat “the aim of the project is that organizations and other companies recognize this important fact and take part in the value people hold dear”.

Chairman of the Israel Defense Forces, Brig. Gen. (Ret.), yedidya said he sensed a change in attitude towards the people, and we mark them not forgotten them and that
The country appreciates and acknowledges the hard work. This is a welcome initiative that might break through to Earth, produce scholarship Greece today 95 percent of scholarships available to me that reserves get with release, come from overseas. “

Kahalani said that “one of the most beautiful and significant things in the country are members of the reserves, which
Sometimes feel that they don’t get the thanks that they deserve. That embrace exclusion, like we do today, it did for me – Zionism commendable. “

Translated from Hebrew