Paratroopers noted 30 years to “continue to lead and win”

צילום: גל אשוח, דובר צה”ל

Thirty years ago they saw inside Lebanon, but even today know that old warriors red Division continues to set an example for bold and complex combat front.

תאריך: 24/06/2012, 18:37    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

The battalion position 202 approach, excited, men registered before thirty years were teenagers. They are armed with endless smiles, memories and ב”הכנס”
Hands in bunches. Thirty years ago they saw inside Lebanon, fighting in the snow,
Smell the Sage bushes and cedar. “Remind me of the name are open, trying to attach a name to the face for the role. The big event and specifies three decades Lebanon war paratrooper Division consists of small events of every skydiver.

“I am November 9th, they laugh. For soldiers, “the thought of recruiting in 1979 sound. The XO, Lieutenant, Meg, happy, massacre, destruction –
Everyone in civilian clothes today. The Shilo the staircases and mirrors brings with the war and the years they ruled on the grass without a difference, battalion, פז”ם, names of friends who don’t have experience the cold war decades flying in the air.
Gathering stories not told, don’t you dare talk about them, there was no one who understands Wikipedia.

“After 30 years, came in anticipation that people change. But outsiders are the same, you can identify them easily. The perspective is what has changed, “explained retired paratrooper. “I looked left and right, and everywhere I looked at him I realized suddenly familiar faces that I haven’t seen since,” he says with a smile.

Festive event held in Ramat Gan national park last week was attended by hundreds of men from
Thousands of soldiers who fought. The ritual assumes Emmanuel Rosen – so, writing “camp”. He entered with them beyond enemy lines and heard the soldiers one by one, tell him what you saw, experienced, heard and smelled. “I was a child, war correspondent,” said Rosen, “yet to see the jumpers on all the way to Beirut.

In addition to count, but the paratroopers alive only Division came into Lebanon was. During the Lebanon war Kfir Brigade was young, נח”ל the following necessary that inspires, Givati – renewed in 1983. These were paratroopers and Golani in the North Division and the work of the war.

“This evening we return to the land of the Cedars, the country which fought battle after battle. We are equal to the character and of the warriors and commanders in Chief of the force, “said Chief of general staff for the event, Benjamin (Benny) Gantz. “This is an exciting class. I see faces the last seen burning in the streets of Beirut. To some eyes as a young officer, was carrying some had no right to control, “he added. He further said that, “Lieutenant General future Gantz and required tasks. The paratroopers also say “me!” and continue to develop, lead, set an example and win. “

At the same time, was the Commander of the paratroopers brigade, Gen. Yoram Yair (be). “It was Saturday evening. I collected all the soldiers and the forces involved. Sitting in front of a thousand warriors is on not many commanders receive him. I could feel the wind.
Beating in their midst, the enthusiasm, the ש’הנה sensation, it’s our turn to teach and to the heritage of the paratroopers “. Blessed that I stand here thirty years after, “said Maj. Gen. (Res.) Yair, commanders did not have plans for the fighters that were not final, alert and have spirit and fight.”

In a letter published at the end of the ceremony, the former Brigade Commander, wrote that “there is no word, not even a phrase that can describe the Conference, which ended four hours ago. Excitement, elation, Rapture, not contain and express. It will take probably days to process and digest the volume and the encounter.

“The paratroopers brigade chose the path of ‘ me ‘, in which commanders were behind, but not found on the battlefield. The first to skip between the folds bolderim and the first to be exposed to enemy fire and pioneered before the camp, described this division headquarters
Paratroopers, Colonel Amir Baram, pointed out that “you know the rest of that day, there are those who stand guard and fight with the existence of the State of Israel.”

Translated from Hebrew