Paratroopers – the most disciplined in the IDF


Paratroopers brigade won the title of mmushmat Division in the Israel Defense Forces, according to police data. Below: rated “iron dome” and ‘ array ‘ fighters in the air force.

תאריך: 08/04/2013, 17:22    
מחבר: לי ירון, “במחנה”

משטרה צבאית

The IDF paratroopers brigade most played: “peninsula challenge report of the military police corps posted this week and ranks first place in paratroopers field of discipline. After paratroopers were “fighters” iron dome “ו”חץ “in the air force, who grabbed
First place in the median.

“The issue of discipline is important and is part of military infrastructure. I hope at the end of the year the results are the same for our Division, “said Col. סמח”ט paratroopers, Itamar Ben-Haim. “Education”, “comes from the great commanders who understand the importance of the Commander class, and battalion commander.

Head, training and information systems in the military police corps, Lieutenant Colonel avichai Cheever says that “discipline and important value, we expect soldiers and commanders notable behavior norms while maintaining military orders and the law. The median of 2013 joyful decline of 15 percent in quantity reports officer given to soldiers.

Over 70% of officer reports posted in 2013 were disciplinary offenses.
Illegal hairstyle hair loose and missing death were the most common offenses.
Other reports, about 30 percent were for traffic violations, discipline and hitching, when an increase of five percent in the number of quality reports submitted to courts.

Translated from Hebrew