Partners: over a hundred young people from the u.s. came to Israel to join

צילום: ששון תירם

Out of 360 new immigrants came to Israel as part of a joint operation of Nefesh B’Nefesh organization, young Jewish u.s. 104 intend to enlist soon. a large proportion of them-commandos

תאריך: 17/08/2011, 12:58    
מחבר: תמרה בן נתן

Who came yesterday (Tuesday) to Ben Gurion International Airport’s Terminal 1, on his way to one of the summer holidays, could not be detected hundreds of excited young men played by the entrance. Clear new immigrants landed in the early hours of the morning in Israel, expected a warm welcome ceremony. 104 of them, an unprecedented number, are young men and women 18-22 who arrived with one aim-to enlist.

The youngsters came to Israel as part of a joint operation of Nefesh B’Nefesh organization, the Ministry of immigrant absorption, the Jewish Agency, Scouting-under battery and nuclear hosted by my friend in USA (FIDF). In a festive ceremony held which was attended by all the heads of the organizations, the education officer Brigadier-General Eli shermister and Minister of immigration and absorption, sofa landver.

“I’m honored to welcome you to the Jewish army, Brigadier General shermister remarks,” there are no words to describe the amount of appreciation for you as for your bravery and Zionism archei rooted. The State of Israel is dealing with too many concrete threats and maintaining Israel’s security is the main task of the IDF. קח”ר said that immigrants is proud that the IDF is an army” to himself the task of designing and constructing the youth, youth education and development of Israeli society as another important objective. For those of you who are going to be, I assure you: there’s a special place in each.

Sarah sofa landver, also the cost, noting the importance of the Mission of her recruits: “youth aliyah like that recruits to the military, strengthens not only the strength of the country’s security but also the national strength.
The Ministry of immigrant absorption that brashesi will continue to support Scouting which overseas to strengthen young people’s affinity for Israel and improve absorption after aliyah “.

Most of the recruits from the flight to serve in combat units.
Among the boys (61) in high demand for voluntary units such as Sayeret Matkal, who tyre, paratroopers, paratroopers and reconnaissance aircraft. Girls (43) preferred service is the oketz unit, wear, that casualties, that education and marksmanship instructors.

Era New Jersey, one of the campers, nuclear talks about the decision to go to Israel to join. “My brother immigrated to Israel through seed gained two years ago and is serving today in Givati, being most of the stories I’ve heard of him and he pushed me to join,” says.
“My mother lives in New Jersey and my father in Israel, so I always had it both ways and the country always. Now that I’m here, I’m just looking forward to start the service in the IDF, and hope to paratroopers, “he says.

Scouting finds nuclear apprentice gained through tribal Scouts and messengers of the workers ‘ movement in North America, prepares young people to read, and the students in the country from recorded in kibbutzim and throughout military service.
During 20 years of the existence of the recording project Scouting more than 1500 young people from around the world, 70 percent of them remained in Israel after the service.

Translated from Hebrew