Patent צה”לי reducing m2a2 injury in asphalt roads

Wide rubber strap layout and cover the road will prevent injury
The asphalt from heavy engineering tools. The brainchild רס”ב, Saadia Marciano
A successful pilot that ended this week in Gaza Division

תאריך: 22/08/2012, 09:43    
מחבר: הדס דובדבני, אתר צה”ל

Armored vehicles can travel on asphalt roads interludes between urban-without causing them harm: so far, heavy engineering were moving on roads in the country in times of emergency, and many roads in the South and the North are rough.
Now, wide rubber strap and covers the road before driving her heavy, folded without damaging the asphalt. This past year has proven himself the solution in Gaza Division and southern command and checked the option to expand it to additional commands.

The system works like this: when there is a need for heavy tools drive on roads, deploy a layer of rubber on the asphalt. If this is a long-term event or large-scale, even members of the same piece. In both cases, when the operation or exercise, rolled rubber and saved for another ride. This past year has proven itself as an effective rubber – no, not road vehicles not affected by this and the cost.

The cost of the project – free army. From rubber scraps from quarries and factories used in conveyor belt, similar to a conveyor belt at a grocery store. When you play, there is more need for factories and they store it. IDF now accepts them free databases and use the rubber and hands that prevents reconstruction needed for roads and highways. The latest escalation was used to prove himself in the rubber.

The first attempt made last year at the entrance to the Nahal Oz base. For eight months on the rubber all the respect in the Gaza Strip, and nothing happened.
Later, the idea was implemented throughout Gaza Division, where his adopted southern command and now tests can spread the practice in other commands.

The brainchild of Assistant performance officer southern command senior Sergeant Marciano Saadia. After realizing the need arising in the Gaza Strip, refer to various plants and speed dial please help him in finding a solution. So, a little rubber conveyor belt became the solution to the long-standing problem in the Gaza Strip and in the North.

Translated from Hebrew