Paused in the midst of the isalami Jihad squad attempted kidnapping in Israel territory.

The cell tried to kidnap soldiers or civilians in the Sharon region, and she was captured in real-time based on intelligence. In more of the terrorists captured measures meant to help implement the kidnapping.

תאריך: 02/03/2013, 11:51    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

And in real-time after Islamic Jihad cell activity in Israel territory, while in the midst of activity aimed at abducting a soldier or a civilian in Israel
For a bargaining chip that allowed today (Mon).

The cell was arrested on 1 January morning in Eyal checkpoint, East of Kfar Saba,
When shbrchbem found, which were supposed to assist them in the implementation of the kidnapping, including: rope, duct tape, utility knife, helmet and gun Simulator.

According to the indictment filed today against the terrorists, it became clear that police detectives arrived at the car in which drove the three terrorists, according to a preliminary intelligence information gathering.
The 3 year-old resident of Castle and two residents of Jenin, were transferred to India and that several days earlier they explore trampiadot where about soldiers in the area, offered several soldiers and civilians-but they won’t Ride. Eventually planned, according to the indictment, kidnap citizens returning from new year’s Eve party.

Submitted by the central unit central charges against Yousef Jabareen and Verde Manas on suspicion of contact with a foreign agent, conspiracy to murder and membership in a terrorist organization. Against Jabarin served additional weaponry violation charge.

Last week was allowed to publish that the IDF, in cooperation with, foiled an attempt to establish regional headquarters of the military wing of Hamas in the Hebron area. About 20 terrorists were arrested,
All known members of Hamas who are already serving lengthy prison terms in an Israeli prison, military action. The detainees were transferred to the security forces.

Translated from Hebrew