Physiotherapy in the fighters.

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Medical Corps continues in medicine until the base, “which inaugurated the Institute provides treatment for pizatri in a botzvat camp Galil Biranit

תאריך: 31/01/2013, 13:05    
מחבר: רוני צידון, אט“ל

New pizatri Institute was inaugurated this week in camp, Islamist Biranit of soldiers carrying operational employment of 91st Division. The Institute, which combatants treatment grants
Perform strenuous physical activity, and dealing with special loads that don’t exist in citizenship, and thus suffer from orthopaedic injuries that require physical therapy.

Instead of Infantry Division have to travel for hours to Haifa to citizens for less than an hour, now they can get to the new division headquarters, where the availability of higher lines because it serves only the soldiers of the Division.
“The decision to establish the Institute resulted from having to get physiotherapy service required, the Warriors are fighting cuts in order not to require therapeutic centers in central Israel,” medical officer of 91st Division, Lt. Col. Dr. Hagai Frankel, who led the move along with the medical corps.

Physiotherapy in the fighters.

It comes during the benefit, as the last shbshntis were also specialists in the Division headquarters, including orthopedic physicians and dermatologists, for example. You can also perform blood tests today at division headquarters.

To the citizens of new physical therapist several times a week to take care of soldiers and determine when the prioritization is. In addition, cooperation takes place with the physical training and learn to engage also in preventing injury and workouts.

Not only winning warriors biranit physiotherapy service is available. As part of the plan.
“Physiotherapy in the Warriors ‘ of physiotherapy, physiotherapy Institute resembles the Caracal battalion two weeks ago. In addition, next week is scheduled to open a Geddes Givati, in early February will open one in armor, and are designed to open research institutes at the Flight Academy, where, from school, Geddes and Bedouin camp. Training bases of large Institute also that pupils do not lose hours training or educational material on each of the 32 bus called small or four physiotherapy centers in the country.

“Caracal battalion Institute created a revolution”, said Commander of the physiotherapy in the medical corps, Lieutenant Colonel Aryeh Ifergan. “Until now the girls find out treatment because their operational employment. The two piziotrpistot come now to work with 20 patients a day. The issue of increasing the accessibility and availability of the Warrior and the soldier in the field is very important. “

Translated from Hebrew