Pillar of fire.

תומ”ת בפעולה. צילום: דו”ץ.

Not only from the sea and from the air: many technologies of the artillery bombardment of joined “pillar”

תאריך: 22/11/2012, 03:16    
מחבר: נועם שרעבי, מז”י

Continental integration in combat: in the last two days to “pillar” was intense fire to enable the IDF artillery corps, too, returned fire to
The targets in the Gaza Strip.
In addition to the ongoing activities of the border force,
Many arrived at the scene, including location and artillery forces, as well as the new “Sky Rider” and Meteorology in recent months, technological revolution, to the scene of the fighting in the South.

Beside the air attacks that led the operation of radar, artillery corps located in launching the chooino batteries and a bomb targets in Gaza. In addition, a “Sky Rider” of the soldier that unmanned aerial vehicle for infantry battalion, transferred and available information about relevant targets for attack.

These values were equivalent to meteorology, supplied by current data on winds, Greece the percentage of humidity, rain and mist, which may affect the firing.

“Throughout the last two days for all workers in artillery systems integration of regular and reserve forces, when everyone gathers to strengthen deterrence capability of the IDF and injury damaging Israel security purposes,” said officer Haji of the artillery corps, Lieutenant Colonel h. Horowitz, in his last day of operation. “In this operation we are an integral part of the effort to protect the South.

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