Pioneer army-2013 Edition

ירוק וכחול. צילום: אלבום פרטי

Decades after the pioneering era, there are youngsters who continue to act in the spirit of the times — track members of nucleus members. the ideals probably guarantee Israel 130 birthday

תאריך: 16/04/2013, 22:05    
מחבר: יעל זהבי, אתר צה”ל

“I’ve ever read of Zionism, ideal and I really believe that after achieving our country, the land of Israel will not cease from being ideal. That Zionism as I understand it, included not only desire for promised land as bravery of aerial combat for the us, but also the aspiration to moral perfection and spiritual “, Theodor Herzl.

The word “pioneering” returns us to the period before the establishment of the State, where anyone who made Aliya from exile was drafted immediately to the settlement and assist in establishing communities,
Roads, planting trees and labour intensive for the establishment of the State of the nation
. After the official declaration of the State of Israel, the oolantrit became the settlement the company has institutionalized State. The seized funds contributions, volunteering the Haganah captured IDF service requirement that modifications were in the young country and slowly an individual’s willingness to consider the needs of all reduction; It became that the concern for the nation and country rests with the Government and the citizen pays the Siu and the army completed its duty and may now take care of itself.

However, not all were swept in this stream and today, many years after the term “pioneering”
As we know it became a thing of the past and nostalgia to dwelling, there are many boys and girls, some call them “salt of the Earth”, which took the idea and made
It is relevant today-days, the main task is not necessarily the country in the physical sense, but in terms of social, educational and moral fiber. 65 years after the fulfillment of Zionist and pioneering vision, some even today are able to weave military service alongside the pioneering orbital road of core members rests with the encouragement of the IDF.

Of service-educators

“I feel like I need to prove my life you can have here another reality of caring between people, the trade fair, mutual relations and wrestling. I follows the assumption that if you want your girlfriend look like this, you need to be that future to which you aspire, “says Elad ormian, Noah movement hamahanot haolim” in charge of the movement’s work in front of the army and the Defense Ministry. Ormian, 32, from its orbit as an adult in motion in Haifa, followed by service enlisted with his battalion 50 core of the Division.
At rest the nucleus there is an episode of combat service and the national it task dictates the State where the soldier experiences in different kinds of work. After his military service decided his nuclear Elad to proceed together and moved to Kibbutz naaran found
In the Jordan Valley. This 80-year-old grouping people aged 25-35, graduates hamahanot haolim “. “We () grouping operators all the informal education in
The Jordan and Jerusalem. We also deal in travel to Poland and the Institute collects, “he explains.

“We’re trying to make a difference in society by educating youth, from the belief that youth justice and moral forces that can remind our company where she had them less violent, less time, more like racist person and solidarity. Around values such as Zionism, equality and love of country are we trying to raise a new generation of pioneers and leaders, ormian enthusiastically.

“As part of my youth aatachnchot the concept of” responsibility to society “has become part of my identity. I learned what the power of a group and together with my 12th grade core volunteer in service and served at Noah, telling kahal Jordan, 23, a graduate of the movement as well. Unlike most girls who wear tailoring course, kahal chose to serve in the military as a fighter and a Caracal. After his military service, along with its core Eilot clans. “We came to this land and started dreaming about what we can do and how to change the reality around us. Taking responsibility for youth activities in Eilat Eilot all work and social tasks. Today, only two years after we got, if we decide to walk out in reality to be different “, says kahal proudly.

“I really love this job. It’s good enough for me and fun for me to be with all the Eilot language partners who want to enhance the reality and better environment for youth.
Of life and partnership-with this way of life, “says kahal decisively. “There are a lot of guys like us around the country, groups that live together and depart from different Israeli society.”

Pioneer army-2013 Edition

On the way to a better future nuclear activities members.

“It’s not obvious to make such a choice,” says Elad Contra, “survival in today’s society is very decentralized. Shake you very quickly to do SATS and learn for yourself. Make a move off the port and be in position I decided to do the rule for this station
Who chooses those simple guys are very special about learning a lot about the company,
On her condition and their powers to change it. And people today is to continue to do this mission-is also very fun and rewarding, but it also isn’t easy, “he added.

Do you define yourself as pioneers in activity?

“In essence. It’s not in the sense of pioneering, but pioneering in terms of your inner attitude that seeks to find and repair to do.
The true and worthy. The pioneering connection between? to-between what is right and what is right for the country, repairing and constructing company is necessarily what builds me as an individual and as a person. It really connects me to Zionism “.
Kahal. “I think building the country-whether through education or through-roads as long as it is in understanding what needs to be done and do it, so it’s the same,” she added.

Elad also connects to the nkodata of the lazuli, the need has changed, but the action is welcome and necessary. “The company aims and challenges in the country has changed and it requires you to ask all the time right to be. If time was important.
To establish settlements and borders to establish factories and agriculture today has more goals they create youth health companies not violence and mutual respect. Build partnerships and cooperatives as an expression of solidarity in a crumbling society where anyone details
Fighting for its existence. We believe that the solution is to create together, take care of each other is a very major task today. Once agriculture and settlement were the tools
Today, education is the tool “.

Translated from Hebrew