Place the shell

פלורית שויחט, דובר צה”ל

A “Blade Company 9th Armored Division’s 401, in recent months, ongoing operational activity following ה”קורנט missile threat “from the Gaza Strip.
The reactive system only “trophy” stands at the forefront of fighting against terrorist organizations in Gaza. In the end the escalation, met men for an evening of marine

תאריך: 11/05/2011, 11:56    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט

Since the post of battalion 9 Blade Company (Armor Division 405) in Gaza City, was not its greatest warriors. The only battalion in the reactive active protection system “trophy” enters operational employment particularly busy stirring the day they have to deal with the threat, פצמ”רים and squads. Last Thursday, I finally opened the evening shrionerim fun company. “stop.”

The dinner took place at Kibbutz SUFA baotef Gaza City, with the support of the residents Association. In the evening they competed in the tests Breuer, plugatit and conversation (review
All the company operations and the lessons from them). Of course, vocals, corruption and Wei were not missing.

ה”קורנט missile threat” and other anti-tank missiles altered the plans and dropped the line
The southern one battalion that has this kind of missile interception technology in February after
Exercise in the Golan Heights. “Blade Company, is on high alert, and proved itself repeatedly in dealing against squads launching, terrorists and hostile missiles.
Price: physical distance between the various departments and the soldiers for months, and even some new company soldiers disappeared under the social radar company members.

“It was like a week all day we were driving tanks into position, do not know what happens next,” said the IDF site the company commander, Capt. Eliezer Abramovich, on the period. “I can attest that growing strength of warriors, are brave. Amount of time sitting in tanks, and the conditions under which they are very hard, but they made everything in the best way. But there was a social cost, “he testified.

Not only the soldiers were happy to see each other again, so the residents were happy to see them.
“Many people came to greet us from the kibbutz,” says a proud tone, and sneaking into his voice. “One of my men, the team 2 came up to me after and said it was
The most special moment for ב’יום stop “.

Except for residents and soldiers, Capt. Shai’s family also Bernstein, the company’s platoon who was killed in the second Lebanon war, along with two soldiers, said staff sergeant meshulami Ami, and gunner, staff sergeant ido z Grabowski Captain Bernstein, who received a commendation from Mao designed steel, killed with his troops in the Wadi Saluki, 2 Cornette “missiles that hit a tank in which he was staying. Besides pikodies, capacities he was also unknown.
In his tattoo-Seagull at sunset, signifying freedom. The mother and brother of Captain Bernstein, took advantage of “stop” to provide for the ceramic talisman tattoo has created major Bernstein’s mother, along with children from where she works.


Translated from Hebrew