“Plane crash” storm at sea, two crew members were rescued safely.

ארכיון: מטוס סופה

Two air crew members abandoned the plane and rescued safely by air force helicopters and rescue unit 669 air force. Good condition. ה”סופה array”
ו”הרעם” grounded until the circumstances of the accident.

תאריך: 07/07/2013, 18:00    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

“Jet storm” (a dialog F16i) crashed yesterday (Sunday) in the afternoon, after the plane’s engine. Two air crew members abandoned the plane and rescued safely by air force helicopters and rescue unit 669 air force.

Air personnel were transferred to medical examinations at the hospital. Commander
The air force upon stopping flights of “ו”הרעם “Storm” pending clarification of the circumstances of the accident and initial investigation.

The pilot, a Navigator, a reserve and regular force, abandoned the plane and landed in the sea. They were collected by a helicopter “and” petrel 669 and evacuated for further tests at Sheba hospital.
Good condition and they are something in about an hour, until the rescue.

Senior air force has noted that this is probably a technical failure which caused engine
To the event. In practice a number of planes. Air Force indicate that since the engine type was received in 1998, never abandoned an aircraft incident akin.

Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz Navy Chief Gen. RAM Rothberg, who were
On patrol in the area changed when the elected Greece and arrived at the crash site. Chief and Commander
חה”י helped to search and rescue operations.

The storm: deals with the most advanced threats

The first aircraft landed in Israel in February 2004 and received the Navy squadrons. Since participated in many operational activity. The various components of the storm gives him a great advantage over the F-16.

One of the main advantages of the storm in the conformal fuel tanks (CFT) installed in warehousing, approximately 40 percent the amount of gas he topic and provide greater range, without compromising performance. The engine installed in the end is a motor-PW F100-229 type “Pratt & Whitney”, with maximum thrust of 29100 kg, equivalent to the thunder of a plane (F-15I).

Many of the systems installed in the plane are Israel-made systems, developed by industry of Azerbaijan, the air force requirement, especially for the storm. The plane is equipped with a new radar with synthetic aperture, which allows locating ground targets in any weather.
Day and night. It is equipped with a combination between two travellers is the first of its kind: lightning detection pod and directed armaments and ntiran food. In the cockpit of two multifunctional display screens.

Translated from Hebrew