“Plasma no longer stays on the wall, it comes to commanders in the field.”

When we talk about the provincial ICT sector, sharing and video materials from the field to the commanders, talk about a revolution. “The video is transferred from the field points
Gives the army an advantage on the battlefield. “

תאריך: 01/12/2011, 12:19    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

Teleprocessing exists this weekend seminar attended by soldiers of all Corps in the IDF, the operations involved in Visual communication, to introduce Visual communication capabilities and the training program.

County Department was founded in 2006 after the second Lebanon war in order to transmit video signals from the field to the IDF’s command post and various measures on the ground to commanders spread out in different positions. The source is usually stationed cameras, and Fortune’s classified.

During the day many lessons passed dealing with Visual communication, including explanations around HD technology, 3-d and broadcasting. The part not only of the program or Service Directorate officials, but also civil societies, which came
In order to enrich the existing technologies and means of disposal.

” Our goal was to raise awareness among IDF contracts, “explains the site where IDF commander” d 7, don’t ” from Mickey buskila. ” The exposure to new technologies that are currently on the market that can accommodate the civil defense forces, beneficial, because at the end of
The important thing is how we teach other users throughout the IDF on the systems and improve operational effectiveness in REAL TIME “”-communication protocol for transmitting voice and video signals in real-time communication network. “

Buskila explains that one of the things he promoted with the entry for Chief of her, this
Personal initiative. Small powers, manages provincial trend based on a number of soldiers, to undertake a task that is virtually impossible – to explain to Israeli commanders the importance of using video materials, as well as implementing usability in those materials.

” The progress of technology and technological development in recent years has led to that we know to give field commanders with the means to fulfill their mission. It’s the most important thing is that we got a lesson from the second Lebanon war, said Col.
Buskila. “Today the plasma reaches the commanders in the field, compared to years past, where commanders were required to return to their base in order to obtain all the materials and operational activities go on the battlefield”.

Trend leader, Sgt. aviad Aviram, technological endeavors led to a leap in recent years, all army activity that involves the use of video.
In 2006 the provincial systems were fledgling, you would get point-to-point video only. Today in integrated systems that transfer the video add-on, retina Foundation in Visual quality and real-time, “he explains.

“Today the County gives a significant advantage for the Israel Defense Forces in the field, inter alia due to temporary shortcut field information collection – air, sea and land,” States Sgt. Aviram. According to this plan, attacking targets in detail, thorough and professional, enabling targeted and specific activities of the IDF on the battlefield and in the field.

Translated from Hebrew