PM Netanyahu's Remarks at the Opening of a Knesset Exhibit Marking 100 Years of American Jewish Involvement in Israel
Photo by Haim Zah, GPO 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today at the Knesset, attended the opening of an exhibit marking 100 years of American Jewish involvement in the land of Israel both before and after the independence of the State of Israel.
Prime Minister Netanyahu:
"We are here to express deep appreciation for the great support of the US Jewish community for the Zionist enterprise, for the State of Israel, and for the continuing importance of the link between us, which is a fundamental component of our national life.
I think that it is difficult to exaggerate the appreciation of this importance and I think that our obligation to continue cultivating this link is essential. Not just recognition, that is clear, when there is much more familiarity and knowledge of the US Jewish community regarding Israel than there is in Israel regarding the US Jewish community; I welcome this important effort to change the balance.
But I think that we in Israel need to recognize that Israel is the home of every Jew and it needs to advocate for every Jew in the world. Every Jew in the world needs to feel that Israel is his home; this needs to be our constant and important policy. These things are being constantly tested and we are constantly being challenged on the question of defining our relations with Diaspora Jews. We need to remember this link because the contribution of the US Jewish community will be very important for us in the coming years not only due to its utilitarianism but because there is the value of the unity of the Jewish People and the State of Israel is the state that represents the entire Jewish People.
I am certain and convinced that we will continue to see the welcome immigration of young American Jews to Israel. I see this in Taglit-Project Birthright and in other programs. They come here, they immigrate here. They have made a great contribution not just in the free professions and in their ability to become integrated into, and contribute to, our economy, but in general terms, in their great intellectual ability and fervent Zionism which they bring with them. Of course, I honor the connection with the communities, in which there are many who study Hebrew and who come here. The more they come, visit and immigrate here, the better it will be for both communities, for the State of Israel and – I believe – for the US Jewish community.
Knesset Speaker Edelstein, I am not willing to predict who will be here in another 100 years and to rule out various possibilities, as you have ruled them out, but I do know one thing: The Jewish People will be here and it will enjoy the support of American Jews. Forward, to the next 100 years."