Practice on cooperation, wet

The new officers participated in combined arms series (סק”ם), which is
The final chord in their training. In front of the helicopters and tanks, were impressed by the cadets of the essential cooperation between infantry and armor, air

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מחבר: נועם שרעבי, מז”י

Combined arms series (סק”ם) was held last week at the base of the shizafon country. The series, held in each of the officers, is the chord in the officers ‘ qualification, which will stand on the orders of her.
1 in the next few weeks.

Earlier this week the cadets: special capabilities view representing makeshift hospitals with limited facilities of soldiering, after arm during training the future officers of all activity. View the status of the main armor officer, Brig. Gen. dirt zafrir.

Practice on cooperation, wet

The importance of the sec is aimed at: recognize and future commanders of GoC Army Corps activity equivalents, they will cooperate further in their careers.
“The sec is composed of several exercises and lasts several weeks, where there is a display of skills shows the means and activities of the various Corps,” explained troop operations officer play, “battalion commander responsible for crashes of tanks and armored Corps officer, Lieutenant Tomer.

In one of the views, which seemed to be collaborating between armor and living under the occupation of a hostile village, ground forces in various challenging obstacles. While the audience listens to the sounds of popping, stormed and captured combatants infantry targets in announced included an explanation on the powers, accompanied by sounds of gunfire coming from the field. Preview
More engineering forces were standing obstacle they had complex hack, curious eyes of the cadets.

Many cadets drill: stressed the importance of the largest exercise in deepening
And cooperation between the different forces. In addition, besides the exercise activity, held special measures of soldiering view engineering, infantry, armor, artillery and combat collection, which displays the Amal and various measures of force, used their fighters.

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