Complete preparation for lag baomer night events. Here are a few guidelines for the life-saving hoggimasteima
Deployment of police for lag baomer night to tomorrow, Wednesday 24 may 2016, 25
Bayer תשע”ו within the holiday events and hidden floating
Deployed in various areas in order to maintain the safety of the party.

Call for vigilant and contact 911 anyway it cost 100 suspected presence of people,
Vehicles or suspicious objects, in order to be handled quickly and professionally. The public
Please follow the directions of the officers who will be deployed in hardened forces.

To celebrate:

To the public
Leaving fires to celebrate, it is advisable to verify locking doors and Windows at aozbachm. It is recommended that
To keep the lights on and to inform the neighbors of the iadrotchm.
It is recommended that
Not to advertise on the social networks iadrotchm.
Because lock aozbachm vehicle and property left inside.
You must save
On personal possessions, bags, wallets and cell phones.
Listed to mdeliki and to celebrate with bonfires can be found on the website of the National Fire Department.
And rescue at the following link:
The cops
Work with local authorities in all aspects of licensing, especially for businesses who sell unlawfully
Alcohol and hazardous materials. By law, police enforce noise abnormal and unreasonable.

The Police Act
Increased enforcement of youth entertainment sites by checking drivers and the entry and exit permits of
Recreation and nearby fires. In the fires and cable compounds which mainly
Teens spreading a plainclothes and visible in order to minimize the effects of violence, bullying
And fights.

Wish all a safe and happy holiday house of Israel.

Translated from Hebrew