Preparing for Hanukkah: 385 thousand Donuts on the way for soldiers

Alongside traditional Donuts filled with jam, Matt this year serve doughnuts filled with chocolate and even reduced-fat doughnuts, as part of the trend in Israeli cuisine

תאריך: 06/12/2012, 17:18    
מחבר: רוני צידון וצביקה גרוניך, אט“ל

The smell of Donuts in the air in the food base of technological and Logistics Directorate, in honor of the Hanukkah holiday: food purchased 385,000 classic jam filled Donuts provided to IDF units, 75 thousand umbrellas and frozen.
In addition, the IDF will 7,000 Donuts.

Besides doughnuts purchased, all kitchen רס”רי in the mission were holiday or commutation, and fresh cooked Donuts for every unit, filled with jam and chocolate. “Each unit is allowed to buy food Donuts Center according to needs, in addition to the work of the kitchen,” said רמ”ד Chief Logistics Officer nutrition, רס”ב Simo Cohen.

Further to the logistics force diet and promote food Center in the past three years, even at high calories attempt cooking healthier. “This year the kitchen רס”רי can purchase shelves in different soybean marketing, plain flour, which prevents little donut oil absorption while frying, “added רס”ב.

Preparation for not only the body but also the spirit. Day before the first candle of Hanukkah holiday, began distributing אט״ל Rabbinate thousands of menorahs, Hanukkah candles and handouts on every holiday in אט”ל base” every holiday time trying to rabbinical אט״ל divide a large team, “said major אט”ל, Rabbi Menachem Edri. “The response was the people.
Received by the soldiers with enthusiasm “. In addition, אט״ל Rabbinate took place following the Maccabees Hanukkah tours to heritage sites, such as intelligence, Gush Etzion and Jerusalem. Xiao
The event will be lighting candles at the site “immediately” armor in Latrun, it appears the band

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