President and Chief attended a ceremony marking bar mitzvah to IDF orphans

צילום: בן-איש רביבו, דובר צה”ל

IDF tradition, also this year a gala event was held to honor 49 children Mitzvah among IDF President orphan: all people love and hugs to you, we will always be by your side

תאריך: 26/09/2011, 20:14    
מחבר: אביחי חיים ודניאלה בוקור, אתר צה”ל

Festive and special event held today (Monday) the dignity of 49 children
The commandment of IDF orphans as part of the annual tradition is the flesh of the bereaved families. Colorful event filled with music and greetings, attended President Mr. Shimon Peres, Chief-of-staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz, head of the IDF personnel Directorate the champion Ali love and widows and orphans organization IDF, Nava shoham soloist.

The President of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, he praises the Acting Chief. “I’m glad to see you here. רמטכ”ל you very much beloved by all the people,” said the Chief of Gantz. In honor of President prepare children of a trip to the United States collage depicting the city of Jerusalem. The President received the tribute of excited smile and greeted the children.
“There are important dates in the life of each and the first birthday when you were born. Later two date, son and daughters. Why mention it? Because today you are not kids anymore. You girls and boys, older people, serious and responsible, “said the President.

“And the third date, right,” when will you 18 years and you will wear uniforms and be responsible for protecting the country and conducted the safety and future. The President said that “people hugging kids loving you. He was also indebted to you. Your precious fought bravely fell bravely and saved a lot of lives. They really were heroes.
When they were your age, nobody knew they would be heroes. But they were. Your parents are show: lots of dedication, heroism. Each and every one of you could be a hero like them, like them and to save and promote the State. “

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said in opening remarks that “to be honest, this shouldn’t exist. Is a Hall with joy and sadness involved them together, but in the end, out of darkness, light, too. Light the candles symbolizing life. Lt. General Ganz added: “I have no words, and certainly not true, to try to understand what really goes on each and every one of you throughout the years the light of longing and need, really for a moment, to feel, to please, to say, to get upset, be happy, be sad,
Laugh and tell jokes. Unfortunately you are more experienced than me and stronger than me in your way “.

“Unfortunately, there was no date on which their influence and that day I fell off,” who continued the “but you may be able to influence how every other show date. My first greeting you choose right choices in life. ”
He added the army and blessed the children for new year and mentioned the never-ending duty of security institutions to protect the State of Israel.

Widows and orphans IDF Chairperson, Ms. Nava shoham soloist, said she knows “how many times do we face the silent picture silent but Executive dad
Or, a long dialogue, never ends. We imagine what would watch what we want so much to tell us, in the most important moments in our lives.
Today is the joy of all. We will continue to accompany you and you ask a bit languid but
You can see us-daganity mountains left mothers always remain mothers “.

Translated from Hebrew