President and Chief Military patrolling hatm share Benjamin

צילום: טל מנור, דובר צה”ל

The President Peres and Chief-of-staff, raise a toast with his Gantz soldiers of the Division, in preparation for the Passover holiday. The message security overview President and stressed that any action upon IDF conduct against terrorism-all sectors

תאריך: 24/03/2013, 16:17    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Chief-of-staff Lieutenant General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, held today (Sunday) a joint military patrol hatm Benjamin that already.
The President received a comprehensive security review of Ribbon, Commander of central command, Commander of Judea and Samaria, and other controls that dealt mainly with security issues are on the agenda of the IDF.

The survey to the President highlights the security scene, including the security incident that occurred at the border of Syria. “We saw this morning in the Golan a reality felt the potential diffusion what happens along the border,” said the Chief had offered fire to endanger our troops in, we had to be focused, to attack and destroy the position. We will continue to work
In the Golan, wisely and with caution where required determination and offensive so assertive is to occur, and I hope that peace will be preserved “.

President and Chief Military patrolling hatm share Benjamin

Ganz Chief added that “it is worth mentioning the southern command that before long processes during the year. Moved the “pillar”, became quiet. Pretty Chinese border closed. Received with the arrival of President Obama a reminder in the form of a one-time rocket launch, I am convinced that the volume “pillar” and his memories in Gaza City Gaza residents can
And Hamas controls them, their peace is not our interest. Silence will answer quiet noise answers
In noise.

With his Gantz general staff said that it “believes that peace will last but of course there will be arranged for all other action if required. The Judea and Samaria region told Chief
“Challenging year financially for security reasons, end up with good results, but it is important not to rest on the past and remember that stone has the potential of global terrorism can develop. Terrorism has not been deleted forever. Similarly allow a place to grow.
Economically, in terms of freedom of movement and allow to live here and in a reasonable manner. The IDF will continue to maintain the level of security along with the other partners and eventually allow for the political echelon to do his job. “

The President later met with about 200 soldiers from across the Division, to toast.
Along with the Chief and the command. “The biggest asset of the State of Israel is its human capital,” said the President, “always remember that you are the greatest goal you serve. The security work have top value. Happy Spring holiday-you and all your families “.

Translated from Hebrew