President and Chief raised a toast to Passover with Division 7

נשיא המדינה והרמטכ”ל יחד עם לוחמי חטיבת 7, היום. צילום: מארק ניימן, לע”מ

After a fire drill carried out by the Division, wished them a happy Passover, and the President said that “citizens of Israel will be able to celebrate Christmas in your right.”

תאריך: 04/04/2012, 13:55    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Israeli President Shimon Peres and Chief-of-staff Lieutenant General Benny Gantz conducted today (Wednesday) the special military patrol the Golan, watched a fire drill of the 7th armored brigade and raise a toast to the seder with soldiers of the Regiment in fire.

Fire exercise opens in greets the Commander, his “spear” major Raz Dahan, who congratulated the President on the network: “the President allow me to thank you for your visit and welcome you at
Happy Passover. ” The President Peres answered in relation to fighters that “citizens of the State of Israel can benefit from its quiet that you give to the people. Your exercise looks like
You have a beautiful day in the Golan Heights.

President and Chief raised a toast to Passover with Division 7

During fire drills had a military Ribbon Overview President and Gen. Yair Golan command and asked to talk personally with פלס”ר warriors 7 and tank commanders, President chmachwa came with the tanks to the edge of the desk officers and the President who exercise. President on tour between the tanks, pressed by the fighters and said that “the IDF and its soldiers in all situations to find the solution, and courage. This is a good opportunity to wish all soldiers-soldiers and commanders, airmen and their families and friends at happy holiday. The day after Israel citizens will celebrate the Passover holiday with a sense of confidence that things are in the hands of the IDF “beliefs.

President and Chief raised a toast to Passover with Division 7

After the military exercise has given the military review, which stressed that “the fourth edit and all sectors in Israel in the sea, in the air, on land and in Modi’in and ready to defend the State of
Israel against all challenges. “

The President thanked the Chief for the visit and told him that “we have a good and a great popular Chief who gets love and trust of the people as a whole”.

Translated from Hebrew