President bestows honors certificates to 120 outstanding soldiers and officers.

Among the honors program: 37 83 men, 15 women, lone soldiers, six soldiers, officers and volunteers 66 fighters. Excellence: the “iron dome” our real

תאריך: 16/04/2013, 13:18    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Today (Tuesday) Excellence ceremony was held in the President House תשע”ג
President. During the ceremony gave the President, Mr. Shimon Peres, certificates of excellence to 120 outstanding soldiers and officers of IDF units of 37 outstanding women, 83 men, 15 soldiers, six soldiers, officers and volunteers 66 fighters.
The ceremony was held in the presence of the Prime Minister, Mr. Netanyahu, President Shimon Peres, Defense Minister, Mr. Moshe (bogey) Ya’alon, Chief of staff, General Benjamin (Benny) Gantz, general staff Forum members, officers and soldiers who Excel and their families.
The ceremony opened with the fly-a helicopter “OWL” and two of “burned” over the President followed the ceremony at the President House Garden, received the ‘ excellence and merit certificates and pins from the President of the country.
The soldiers are long outstanding, comprehensive and rigorous in committees
And won the title of “President” Excellence Prize awarded, which is a model for the entire army, subvert their intentions for excellence and demonstrating dedication, professionalism and responsibility. The honors diploma class, students have received the Association of a scholarship of $ 1,000 (approximately $ -3,600), blavatnik Foundation donation “, the establishment of Mr. Len blavatnik,
My organization’s donors for the soldier in the uk (UK Friends of AWIS).
The State of Israel, Mr. Shimon Peres, said: “you are outstanding peace Israel’s army! Without you, there was no Israel. Israel, know peace. I’m glad to see you here in full swing.
The IDF’s human and this is a magnificent arch. This is a bad color spectrum and freedom. This is the request takes precedence over the sound of sectarianism and gender. This is mrashita request to all “all Israel. Thank each and every one of you. “

Benny Gantz, Chief of general staff, said that “this nation know that last year, we invested in IDF’s preparedness, deterrence and buildup. But she mostly know the iron dome is the marvelous is President today. Bunch represents the baoshim transports, the elite.

“I am proud of win me to serve with and to people like you,” he said, “the choice is choosing resolution and is an ongoing commitment. Your Word,
Families, troops fighting supporters of excellence, judging by the fact that children were chosen to be here, this independence day is also the Education Award.
On behalf of the State and military mtbrchim and proud, I want to thank you for raising sons and daughters of those who said them to the glory of the State of Israel. “
“We are allowed to dream of the day when peace will come, but until that day happens continues to prepare for battle. Will continue its role in the defence of the House continues its role as the people’s army that unites the best of the country’s youth with a shared service, shoulder to shoulder, “the Chief said.

List of all outstanding

Northern command

Dr. Gilad VP Spiegel, Chief Medical Officer at battalion brigades.
Corporal GAL, the fighter combat Seagull collection.
Sergeant Ofir Dror, Deputy Commander of the Brigade in tour company designed “Saar Golan”.
Sergeant Shlomo aliceayres, Sergeant in the regiment recruits “Gideon”, Golani Brigade.
Coat of arms of Matthias Sokolsky, engineering battalion “g.i. Joe” terminals designed “lightning”.
Sgt. aviad rukstein, a soldier in the front Squad of company leader in the regiment’s Eagle designed “Golan”.
University logo, contact team officer in a battalion Golani Brigade, in preparation for the grade controls.
Sound icon Ben Sasson, ttzpithnit battalion headquarters gathering “,” Zarit outpost.
Sergeant Muhammad, molded quotation “Hiram”.
An icon, a troop of the first “popping” Golani Brigade “.
Sergeant Hassan Mahmoud, in that Regiment.
Sgt. Muriel halsky, Sgt. OPS assault camp.
Lieutenant Nuphar Ganon, Deputy Commander of battalion headquarters company “lightning” Golani Brigade.
Sergeant Jonathan Aston, computer systems technician at the signal Corps detachment of Golani Brigade.
Corporal irgdo Abra, that of TOS Recon defense cadets of Golani Brigade in regimental training.
Sergeant Daniel Davidov, bond forward command team of company commander in 3rd Battalion, storm “designed” lightning
Sergeant GAL Rotem, Sergeant in the battalion “ra’am” designed “Golan”.
Sergeant, a unit of Golani Brigade.
Corporal avichai Moshe sélavy, said Lance “,” battalion designed “Saar Golan”.

Central command

Corporal Yuval Tamir, a battalion “reshef” designed “pillar of fire”.
Deputy Julia helenowski Deputy Chief observations in Brigade Brigade.
Lieutenant Commander Naser in the company of a battalion “Viper” in the paratroopers brigade.
Sergeant Michael saadon, threshold “troop of the paratroopers brigade in the leadership course.
Lieutenant-Naama, shriki designed education officer “pillar of fire”.
Deputy consists of reggae, personnel officer with regimental training base of the paratroopers brigade.
Asiyho dock icon, company Corps of paratroopers.
Sergeant Elad Salomon, a paratrooper Division reconnaissance company.
Sergeant Benjamin Dror, a battalion of the Kfir Brigade brings. “
Deputy Dick fan, a brigade Ordnance officer.
Sgt. dawn note, Commander of troop was of the basalt.
Sergeant first class Nathan, is that against tanks and ask the Division’s Recon.
Corporal waddle Shlain, that promotion center special populations designed “steel”.
Sergeant Amit Shaked battalion tank commander, “popping” designed “the iron trail”.
Sergeant Haim Solomon, a cutting edge company in the regiment “Viper” of paratroopers.
Sergeant Sarah, dogsbody in the Brigade.
Sergeant Elad fighter Regiment, “granite” in place.
Sergeant Auron Morag, s. h excursion tour designed “traces”.
Deputy Moshe Dora, a communications officer at troop brigades gathered, “designed” traces “.
The wave icon on the Magellan.
Lieutenant Nathaniel Beaton, operations officer for the battalion, “hatch” designed “the iron trail”.
Sergeant k., a cherry.
Sergeant Alexander grinberg, a fighter in the duchifat battalion of the Kfir Brigade.
Ofer Hillman icon, a troop of Dragon-designed “pillar of fire”.

Southern command

Alachsveni fish symbol, a Bedouin patrol battalion.
Sergeant Zvi gbler, Recon fighter of the Givati Brigade.
Sergeant Amit Dangor, warning systems technician and will tighten the fence warning of ordnance Corps.
Staff sergeant David, a Givati Brigade unit’s grenade.
Sergeant Amir Abu rkeik, South Division Tracker.
Sergeant brokenheart Ifergan Warrior collection “surge” Brigade battalion “Eagle”.
Corporal Pablo Fridman, Sabra battalion of the Givati Brigade.
Sergeant Joseph maiden, snipers in the battalion commander “Givati Brigade’s Shaked.
Corporal Rebecca Garner, h shot separately in the Caracal battalion.
Abigail (Abby) batteries icon, computer systems technician at the signal Corps detachment of infantry “.
Nike logo, stands for ianklevitz ttzpithnit Eagle Regiment.


Deputy Commander, Oriya in Tabor “troop of the HFC. Corporal Yaakov Edri, the battalion Scout daybreak of the HFC. Corporal bad science, search and rescue instructor for the HFC. Staff Sergeant raanan Abraham, daybreak battalion of the HFC.

The Ministry of Defense
Corporal Moses kmianer, a programmer tanks in tank development authority of the Ministry of Defense.

Coordinator of government activities in the territories

Lieutenant-shoot me, the principal international organisations officer Coordination Office of coordinator of government activities in the territories.

The Mag

Corporal Sara cllan, personnel Coordinator at the law school in Tel Aviv.


Corporal Shai unadulterated Zit popping, Director corporate network computer center and a mechanized unit registration & information technologies.
Corporal Jacob Libman, multi training (development means training using multimedia) training base of C4I Corps.

Technological and Logistics Directorate

Matthew Khmer symbol, mechanical systems engineer in ordnance Corps.
Corporal Yves Crystal, Minister to guide and operations officer in the space unit.
Corporal Claude Ayalon, a driving course, stands at the base of the logistics training.
Staff Sergeant, Sergeant Adri paramedic course in training of medical corps.
Corporal Shirin Sahur, abderahim regional military clinic at Rambam hospital.

Personnel wing

Mercedes symbol shukron, diagnosed at Erez military troop “.
Corporal Sagi cbritz, responsible for ceremonies on Chief of the General staff.
Lieutenant Commander Eden vazana team hailit completion of the military police.
Corporal tomic Blech, that volunteers at best.
Lieutenant-Zvi Cohen, rabbinical training officer section, the Adjutant Corps manual.
Corporal itnbersh Casa, instructor in Beit Shemesh.
Coral, pad icon that discipline in particular, and in retirement.


Corporal State Aliyev, a volunteer in the Navy, clerk in msfen.
Yizhar Cohen, a party icon 916 (Ashdod).
Staff Sergeant Oded Rimon, technical officer at 914 party ().
Sergeant Ms Ofer, Captain of the controllers at the base of the naval training.
Lieutenant Nathaniel weapons might, Deputy naval officer 3.
Sergeant Roy, technician. Sergeant c, serve in Navy 13.

Air force

Sergeant Elena טצ’ילו, steering control technician, air wing.
Sergeant, a search and rescue unit 669.
Corporal mine technician, unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial arm.
Sergeant NIR Malka, Commander of fighters in air defense.
Sergeant Naor miracles, technician, air wing.
Sergeant Noa almond, single control officer cooperation.
Sergeant Daniel Ovadia, Anat mechanic helicopters, air wing.
Corporal little cart, defensive instructor, squadron at Ramat David.
Sergeant nadav Fahima, scientific instruments and technician micro hook rate in air defense.
Sergeant Shi pre, air defense warfare in air defense.
Lt. Tal Toledano, operations officer in air defense.
Lieutenant Thomas grsmtz, technician, in the air force.
Corporal Danielle Kogan, s. and TOS in the cast.
Sergeant, a shaldag unit. John skyscraper icon, air force tech.

GoC army headquarters

Sergeant nadav alan325, the shizafon training.
Sergeant Jonathan Kurtz, the course Commander grades of commanders in combat patrol.
Sergeant Amos to list a company sergeant major course grade commanders in military engineering school.
Corporal Daniel Safar, cipher Department at the officers.
Staff Sergeant Daniel Packer, the company sergeant major course of grade controls sickle.
Lt. light, docent at the school of military engineering.
Lt. Cmdr. Tom Friedman in a readiness and training officer.
Corporal built 160, instructor.
Corporal Amy erero, .., these days the course Commander grades.
Lieutenant Tom hodorov, in Moran.
Corporal AYANA sheinfeld, that snipers in the unit.
Corporal Dana RAM, intelligence and reconnaissance instructor GoC army headquarters.
Asaf degani, Sergeant Sergeant grade commanders course at the school of the professions.
Sergeant, a sting.
Staff Sergeant Idan קרצ’בר, the artillery commanders course training on the ground.
Sgt. Liron Tawil, the targeted articles.

The intelligence wing

Sergeant Omar, intelligence.
Sergeant g., a soldier in the unit.
Coat of arms of PHN, annex.
Corporal lilac, a soldier in the unit.
Lieutenant liran, an intelligence officer.
Corporal two, soldier in the military intelligence Directorate.
Yuval, a sergeant in the Intelligence Division.

Translated from Hebrew