Prize awarded to only charge 9900

The unit is responsible for producing Visual intelligence, particularly the last tblata operation “pillar”. Gen. Aviv kochavi, a complex reality that is changing rapidly, there is importance to creative thinking. “

תאריך: 31/12/2012, 13:50    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

The Israeli intelligence community, along its mythical aura has for its creativity, continues to foster excellence in the field; The top charge,
Gen. Aviv kochavi, presented yesterday (Sunday) “gave Prize for creative thinking.

The prizes were awarded for multiple intelligence and technological projects which contributed significantly to the success of last year in various scenes. The projects are classified and cannot be specific about them. It also awarded special Medal of appreciation to 9900, responsible for producing Visual intelligence, and recently tblata especially in pillar.

During the ceremony the planetary champion and said that “in reality consists of rapidly changing era of strategic changes, and entail operative tactical importance, known for creative thinking that seeks to enhance the capabilities of IDF and dealing charge, the State of Israel, with the challenges of time and the many threats.

9900 unit uses a variety of sensors to gather and produce Visual Intelligence it provides: observations, drones, satellites and photography sorties. The unit was praised for “ב”עמוד activities, which unveiled the operational capabilities and technologies including audio, and provided up-to-date and detailed picture of the fighting. The information provided by the unit led the terrorist operatives mdwikit and Tin infrastructure while minimizing the harm to bystanders.

Translated from Hebrew