Procedure for apprehending a suspect hard disk

צילום: בן-איש רביבו, דובר צה”ל

Computer crimes investigators course came to an end, the exercise concludes that direct the work of investigators at the scene of an impromptu crime. “When there is suspicion of poor information State security,
We come in and operate all means “

תאריך: 27/09/2011, 11:45    
מחבר: אביחי חיים, אתר צה”ל

Prepared for interrogation: a course in computer crimes investigators arrived today (Monday) to an end in him complete computer crimes investigators soldiers of the military unit (). During the course the trained new investigators authorized for PCs on
To locate and identify poor information IDF activity, or alternatively to transfer information for review from computers belonging to persons suspected of committing an offence.

For three weeks were the soldiers advanced towards training for the job.
To get the required course knowledge in computing, without it they cannot get into. During the first week they focus the content dealing with the elements.
The computer and the other wild jubilation inside, after training, they have been engaged in legal aspects of issuing standard orders in order to court martial the search on computers belonging to the suspects.

Today researchers have dealt with crime scene was staged, during which they were required to make decisions quickly, in real time, while maintaining the law and striving. Lt. surge Mansour, apprenticeship courses, told IDF website that for the success of a task conducted close cooperation between the military police and other civilian and military officials, which help the investigators. “We learn a lot from them and I guess because they learn from us. It is difficult to succeed without cooperation, in order to get a broad picture of the information as possible, “she says.

After the search warrant at the judge, military researchers, accompanied by detectives, the suspect’s House. Whenever possible they may even arrest him for further interrogation. Investigators are still at work regularly and forcefully, in order not to disrupt the routine life in the suspect’s house or in the immediate vicinity.

Head of fraud investigations, Deputy faction Aisha, said that during his military service he encountered an investigation that dealt with many cases of break-ins into computers or transferring materials
Classified between different computers. “If we recognize that this is a serious security violation that endangers the State security, we come in and try to thwart the activity.”

The technology world has evolved greatly and the use of computers is. Therefore, part of our mission is to constantly updated last ב”מילה to know what’s new and what’s evolving technological arena, so that nothing can surprise us,” says Lieutenant azulai. However, he said “no rest against the technology. New cases are opened all the time and the challenges we’re dealing with are becoming increasingly complex.


Translated from Hebrew