Project “Talpiot” is the largest circulation history

Training course on the IDF ended this week when shlmaala than 40 graduates of the project received the ranks of the Air Force Commander, told them that they “partners
Filled to protect the security of Israel. “

תאריך: 21/11/2011, 11:29    
מחבר: ליה שנל, אתר חיל האוויר

More than 40 fresh graduates of Talpiot came on stage at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem on Thursday, and received the ranks by IAF Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan, along with FA (principal measures and infrastructure development at the Ministry of Defense) Mr. Ofir they. This is the largest class in the history of the course
The summer solstice, which lasts three years and four months, during which the students finish college degree combined with comprehensive training in all arms.

Soon split most adults too much the air force practiced and part alone.
Research and development in the Ministry of Defense and the IDF “very exciting, I obtzati the Ministry of Defense and I’m very pleased,” said Lt. Tal, completing a Bachelor’s degree in mathematics and physics.
“It’s very difficult to say goodbye, over-whelming after three years, and of course there are concerns, but I expect

One of the striking features of Talpiot is the close relationship between the members, hanging out together day and night for 40 months. “It all started about three years ago, while we were standing in the signing ceremony and important people promised a bright future. Map
There we found ourselves coming paratroopers with until the age of 27, “said Lieutenant Michael, who spoke at the ceremony on behalf of the elderly. “We have learned a lot since then, but the most important thing I learned is back. I found that together we can do anything “.

In the event the Deputy Director also spoke of the Hebrew University, Prof. Oded navon, who addressed the adults please continue to lead and lead even beyond their service
The military. “Beyond mathematics and physics, I hope you’ve learned your secrets too rational thinking Used without to forget the morality and emotion, spread the overall way of thinking and take responsibility to preserve what was established here in a lot of work. “

The last speaker at the ceremony was the Air Force Commander, Maj. Gen. ido nehushtan. “Talpiot” is directed to the youth and training security leadership, “said the champion. “You join the Forefront Security r & d in the period feel, it is no substitute for your skills. You can anchor stability in these days. He later admitted to the Air Force Commander, families who supported them during prolonged training and project staff.
“Now you are full partners in protecting the security of the State of Israel,” said, “and the Israeli air force proud.”

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