Proper integration

Joined the inaugural journey of warriors battalion daybreak, search and rescue battalion of the home front command, which made it all the way to the rainy and cold sliver pin

תאריך: 14/11/2012, 16:00    
מחבר: דנה פטרוב, אתר צה”ל

Drizzle starts while three dozen warriors from the dawn of the home front command, wait for a car to take them to the trailhead of the end of their basic training. This trip is part of a summary of the Basic Act, which led at the dawn of the company for the first time, and also includes white night after the voyage, with the company commander and dinner the next day company. Cold and damp air, not perfect weather for the trip Lily
The sea water that drops down suddenly just fouling the atmosphere.
“I wish, I wish to open the gates of heaven, begins to say one of the girls, but her friend has. Then go in the rain, “she says,” is not a reason to cancel the trip.

The rain continues to come down, and the trip was conducted as usual. The car comes and build in order to take them to their starting point. Until this trip, 11-mile-long, made in combat the same length they did, but this time it was harvested for them.
At two kilometers. “This is because the Center’s strength is in the shoulders, and the build is
In the basin “, explains corporal coral Assistant. “That’s why the effort is different: If a man has
Invest 100% for a mission, a woman should invest in her 200 percent. “

But despite the rain and the occasional whining sound, when the girls reach their starting point and join to the boys, it seems that they’re going to give them two hundred percent of an investment.

Proper integration

A matter of honor.

Dawn Brigade fighters accustomed to media attention. It seems that the way women in combat roles in the home front command’s regiments are world-class-interest earlier in the same day, interviewed some of the Russian press numbered ATEN asteroids
“In most combat positions that are open to women, the girls don’t leave emergency to fight”, explains corporal Natalia iliyava, the substitute who immigrated from Ukraine in order to serve in the IDF, but because of the central role the HFC is not fighting, but search and rescue emergency, the girls do exactly what the boys are doing, “she says.

It seems that most of the country it is not clear what they want to do exactly what the boys
But, for the dawn Brigade fighters answer is simple. “I wanted to challenge myself,” private, “Dumpty religious membership, and all my friends went to do service.
National. I wanted to do something different. “

The need for a challenge, he spoke quite a few of the girls, no doubt realized during the journey.
Miles of sand as bones in feet with every step, and weight equipment includes seven pounds at least just on request. Once the class icon opens in the running, and the Warriors desire and run him despite the hardships and fatigue. Commitment to the Department and to each other, so it seems, is above these feelings. “One of the first things I learned here that the term ‘ respect ‘,” says corporal Jared Zucker, also
Is a lone soldier. Zucker, American roots, volunteered for the army at the age of 24, after finishing a degree in the u.s.

“Respect for, honor, respect. Teaches us that everything we do should be done out of respect, and I think that’s one of the things that make us good company, “he explains. And discipline remains an important company trait. “Our discipline is difficult, but I think that makes us better,” private gift simply means Astruc.

Forward pandas!

When Dawn returns to base shplogat in the end of the journey, before it order get his coveted goals beret badges, I think everyone in the area could hear cries of encouragement. They are sweaty and tired after three hours of walking in the sand, but the hundreds of meters of the journey they make running and singing. Class
Three always? The laughed at them. It seems that this ploga not too passionate songs of Morel. “Go!” shouts one pandas, and answered calls. “At first it was three-class” Cobras “,” she says, “but we decided that more pandas.”

With departmental culture hard to argue, but at least from the outside, it seems that the women’s group and the company doesn’t have much in common with slow pandas. After the exhausting journey, they stand in neat rows, and the icon of each class gives them the same pins made. Face beaming with pride, they coupled the beret and pins at the same time, it seems that even white night, which ishpzero all their equipment for the order with the company commander is expected to tomorrow, not upset their moods. “I am pleased with the trip,” says company commander, Lieutenant ASA glow. “They responded in the end nicely discussing wind,
Looking here wind. At the end of the journey we heard their voices, and saw how they push and help each other. Seemed a commitment between the soldiers and the icons who led the campaign, particularly among the soldiers themselves.

Translated from Hebrew