Provide thousands of IDF Hummer vehicles to reinforce the troops when operational

“האמר” בשטח. צילום: דובר צה”ל

Under the deal are surplus vehicles and thus tachsch estimated cost of tens of millions of dollars and significantly expand the combat fleet.
Land forces

תאריך: 12/08/2012, 15:00    
מחבר: עידן סונסינו, אתר צה”ל

Production of military-industrial complex project the IDF’s next big leaves in these days as part of security cooperation with the United States. Under the new venture had bought more than 2,000 IDF Hummer vehicles “bmhasni haodfim that the American military, in a deal estimated cost savings of tens of millions of dollars and extend the fleet
The combat vehicles in the Mainland.

The project, which interprets over several phases in the next three years, overwhelms the car in storage in preparation for war. The Humvees, A0 and 1A, enter “renovated” comprehensive remediation include צה”לי, haiolle and warehousing facilities in Israel. The new Humvees “can combat reconnaissance role as well as administrative vehicles,” explained to the IDF website רמ”ד mobility in weaponry, Maj. 2rep. “Most of them are used for emergencies when they are sitting in warehouses in look since we use hamarim in more advanced procedure, but several hundred of them will be a comprehensive security training and iopshro also use and training. Another advantage in trade show in GoC army headquarters is the fact that increasing emergency fleet vehicles second-hand cars allows to turn more elaborate and ongoing operations.

According to summary data, the rate suggested u.s. Army saved about 95% of the total sale price deal on all phases of renovation and maintenance which the download of about 80% of the price
For the purchase of new vehicles-equivalent savings of hundreds of millions of dollars.

Also the Humvees onto uniforms

The project began routine testing of the relevant factors, when reviewing business opportunities provided by the u.s. Army. They traced the advantage lies in the excess, Humvees returned to American military warehouses along with hatkaplo powers from Iraq and Afghanistan. The IDF representatives who came to United States tracked out of 3,000 American Humvees offered 2,400 vehicles were basic standards.
2,000 used as military tools, and additional hundreds were acquired for spare parts.

“At this stage we have a tender to find a edit in haiolle and treatment of United States vehicles, head of transport, responsible for the development of programs
All ה”חומים cars” in front of Israeli officials keep an eye on the process, the Humvees check by gormii professionals who will replace flawed abortions daily systems parts.
In addition, the tools undergo “haiolle” are painted in colours, highlighted
Based on combat units and receive relevant signs, blue & white, such as request for belt restraints.

Until the optimal addition to repairs, maintenance of vehicles in the United States Army in early 2013 are expected to begin the processes they refinished and in less than a year from now vehicles first began to reach the shores of Israel. “The vehicles will arrive at a rapid rate of more than 100 cars a month, so in less than two years the warehouses are full of all the significant addition of Humvees,” explained major at.

After arrival to the land of the Humvees with special digomim the operational needs of the catch-car tools designed for different tasks receive appropriate additions in order to prepare them for a vocation; For example, the Hummer tour Hummer endorsement intended observation forces.

Thousands of cars are stored in base units, shmarbitam of land ב”אחסנה” Advanced-guarding the vehicle in such a way, when it’s plugged in so that mzbero will be filled and is ready to draw upon the best emergency. Also, the arms will be training people for new vehicles; Within the theoretical and practical completion four intensive days learning the mechanics and electricians how to handle new tools and operates
To provide them with the necessary logistics network. In addition, the GoC army headquarters are working on a solution for expanding the number of potential drivers for use on Humvees.

“The vehicles that increase our fleet will improve considerably the ability to maneuver when emergencies”, said head of mobility, which stated that “the leap”.

Translated from Hebrew