The Ministry of Health wishes to inform the public that "Zarei Gilad oil" is not a medicinal product and there is no proof or evidence of the medicinal properties attributed to it

The committee for Public Misleading, charged with reviewing publications of health products and medical technologies, reviewed a product called "Zarei Gilad oil", distributed by "Canaan Natural Products", Moshe Dayan 54 Kfar Saba, and had found that it had been illegally marketed, with violation of the provisions of regulations 2 and 2A of the Public Health Regulations (Food) (Prohibition of attributing medical properties to food products) 5738-1978.
The Ministry of Health informs that attributing medical properties and / or prevention of diseases to nutritional supplements or food product is prohibited by law, and warned the public against using "Zarei Gilad oil" for the medicinal purposes specified in its publications.

 Public Misleading concerning “Zarei Gilad Oil"