Purpose: to prevent infiltration into Israel territory.

כטב”ם “שובל”. צילום: חיל האוויר

Entering Israel territory via tunnels attack operations or bombing the border fence
– These are the scenarios that prepared this week. The conclusions from the event before
Two months ago and attempted infiltration during operation “Cliff” came to the fore

תאריך: 18/03/2015, 10:50    
מחבר: נדב ברגר, חיל האוויר

חיל האוויר

Noon. Captain (Ret) volunteer and Captain (Ret.) Jordan, aircraft operators in non-staffed (n) ‘ Hermes 450, entering a northern master training as part of the protection of the State. However before they could practice all one scenario, the reality hits them when suspicious activity is detected in the border area and feared infiltration attempt into Israel territory. After a few minutes you’ve been spying on the triggers the suspected infiltration attempt had been revoked, but the message was clear to leaf-an event that can occur in any sector, at any time and without prior preparation.

This scenario prepared air force during the week for special workshop attended by members
The toolbar squadrons manned (n) of the 450 and ה’הרמס, along with the Rangers and pilots of the Squadron “. Workshop participants practiced dealing with complex events within the country during routine safety times (9).

The main scenario had terrorists infiltration practiced into Israel from the Gaza Strip area, Sinai, Syria or Lebanon to kidnap soldiers or to perform attacks inside Israeli settlements. The new facility operators required to thwart infiltration attempts and avoid all attacks on Israelis, soldiers or civilians by identifying terrorists and providing guidance to fire at troops. It also took part in the exercise ground forces under pikoden of the divisions within the North and the South.

“Events like this can develop into a wide variety of ways.”

All these scenarios in practice break formation, complex events, i.e., those that may be developed in a short time to danger, and not about the reduction or early warning. During the training were incorporated into lessons and conclusions emerged from the border in recent years, including the fire towards an IDF force two months ago and Israel’s incursions into the territory during operation “Cliff”. “The main challenge in such cases is to make it to the event, to get better information and understand what needs to be done during the event,” explains the new operator who led the workshop, Deputy.

These events prominent motif is uncertainty. “Unlike most tasks that military tactics and a lot of technical work, such events can develop into a wide variety of unexpected directions, so that decision-making becomes a lot more complex,” added Lt. Itamar, operates the drones took part in foiling one of intrusion events
During operation “Cliff”. Teams are required to respond to the incident immediately and allow it to be towed. One of the main objectives of the exercise was to interpret the scene and react to incidents more quickly than in the past.

“Don’t know where and when the next time you run into that experience.

One of the most significant outputs of the workshop was the collaboration between the IAF and the junior sector. While southern divisions operated in conjunction with the Corps in recent years in three different operations and security including escalations
Between them, since the second Lebanon war in the North of the country operational cooperation between the forces is relatively motivated mainly around events. Thus, the common practice is essential to the readiness of ground forces and to interoperate.

Due to the instability and military official in neighboring countries and the region in General, has become a threat to the State and more real in recent years. “Organizations
The rogue on the borders are those who might try to get into the country, “says Lieutenant. “We don’t know where and when the next time you run into that experience and therefore we need to be prepared for any scenario, in any sector. Soon we will be the ones required to dominate the event along with the land divisions.

Translated from Hebrew