Purpose: to prevent the next kidnapping.

Top IDF continues to deal with the threat of kidnapping. Test: tear gas Division also not carrying bricks. Dummy kidnappings will be operational once a month.

תאריך: 22/11/2011, 17:16    
מחבר: עידן סגר, רעות פרקש וירדן צור, “במחנה”

In light of the increased terrorist intentions relating to kidnap Israeli soldiers and Hezbollah’s threats are interpreted, the resistance committees, Hamas, IDF elite continue efforts to prevent kidnapping incidents in the future. In a special hearing this month led by
Deputy Chief of staff, Maj. Gen. Yair Naveh, was coordinated a series of actions and measures aimed at: preventing the next kidnapping.

Starting next month, will increase in the military police corps operational frequency the abductions and commit them once a month, instead of every three months.

The offers will be held throughout the country, which according to the situation and targeting officers relating to decide where focus enforcement on all era. The operations will benefit the Corps civilian vehicles of various types and high turnover, to reliably figure as possible conduct of terrorist group attempting to kidnap a soldier. “There should be another kidnapping,
So we extend our prevention activity, “said police officer primary military (kamch), Brig. Gen. Meir Ohana. “There are quite a few warnings, and after the release of Gilad Shalit, the various terrorist organizations declared that will increase their attempts to abduct a soldier.”

In addition to increased enforcement will begin to worsen the punishment against soldiers caught trying to board a ride. Monthly report to be delivered by senior staff offices, as
Also, list the names Chief of captured soldiers and their units. Thus, you will have to face units controls went hitchhiking in invited to. The last operation that the military police had in recent weeks captured only a few soldiers.
“The commanders and soldiers went up,” said Brig. Gen. Ohana. “The continued existence of enforcement operations ensure that the issue is not off the agenda.”

Advertising driven.

Other preventive measures are currently under examination in the Operations Directorate are kidnapping prevention practices פק”ל distribution for every soldier on the day of recruitment, and every soldier carries weapons carry tear gas. So, not only will girls tear gas with giosen, but also that do not carry weapons. In addition, IDF export campaign explaining that includes jingles in radio advertisements in favorite websites, videos are available on the website YouTube and even on reminders about the pay slip.

Annex explain that the kidnapping threat is divided into three: kidnapping out of the country, borders and abroad. “we had 89 types of kidnapping,” said junior defense רמ”ח, Colonel Chris clemmie. “In the realm of the possible kidnapping of country practices Patel look and operational guidelines for this situation. Possible kidnapping dimension, held briefings to soldiers leaving the country, and if it comes to the security tthogber environment צה”לית delegation,” added רמ”ח.

Meanwhile, the personal security officer be appointed operations in Israel and abroad that would subject
Defense and security industry. In addition, the appointed Brigadier General staff, limited by Noam Tibbon with Colonel Erez Weiner, who will examine the response of the IDF to prevent kidnappings in the country and abroad.

Kidnap in blue

Last week the air force exercises all the shades in the abduction of a soldier in order to train the situation in locating bases soldiers in a short time. According to the exercise scenario, reported that she had seen a soldier pushed the car in one of the nodes.
Upon receipt of a report on internal communications systems of the force enabled “property”,
Written by the Defense Department. Following the operation, the חמ”לי began to locate all the male soldiers.

This next command to reduce and streamline the process of finding, and is adapted to a particular gender of which conducted a preliminary search, “רמ”ד as a service and Crimson, Maj. noelly. “Since the soldier’s kidnapping was reported, initially spotted the soldiers, and the second stage was the intention to expand the soldiering,” he added. The situation rushed to create call each soldier and soldier, and soon spotted the hostage “,” defined him in advance not to answer the phone. The air force concluded the exercise a success, both in terms of finding the soldiers in a short time and because of the high percentage of soldiers identified by situation.

Translated from Hebrew