Quiet bainihan


Captain orian, the Brigade Commander of the Northern Division observations in the Gaza Division, told IDF website about the feel, weight of responsibility and motivation. Personal interview

תאריך: 29/07/2013, 14:49    
מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

אוגדת עזה

24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the battalion, Regiment’s Gaza Division, observations with the eyes into the Gaza Strip. In an interview given to IDF website tells Captain orian, the Brigade Commander of the Northern Division observations, the big challenge in the role of כ”עיניים used in practice in the field. This week, finished her job after two years of intense command and instead entered the role Captain Cyril aronovich.

When you look at Gaza after pillar, the picture is different. “The track looks very rustic and quiet, but still all the peace we are trying to find who is trying to hit,” she says, “the challenge is to figure out what’s next. In the quiet, yet understand that the other side will be those who will seek to disrupt it. ” The same feeling at the ttzpithnit Inn, based on so few peace depends on sector work. “Everybody wants to feel he’s doing something important, and they are conscious.
When sitting on the stand the responsible individuals at sit quietly, but responsibility right to say – I was defending my country, “she says.

In recent years the observations across many technological changes that combine fire like ה”רואה shmarchot”-“only entered use in recent months began using radar. “The array in growth and in the buildup to understand its main battlefield,” said Captain ttzpithnit “, should be the first to alert on any unusual event. Need to keep ourselves watch any change there. All the time to figure out where the next attack will come or where they try to penetrate. We are preparing for the next event, there’s no time to rest. “

But despite the advanced technology, there is no substitute for human eyes. “Any technological measures cannot distinguish whether the sheep herder who goes every day guess. Have the person behind the machine, run out of reason and judgment. You know to see what different from tmol shilshom if something looks different, “she says.

In conclusion, and in view of the future, says that will take her on many military service experiences. “Operation pillar during the hostilities, faced very great challenges. Suddenly see the emergency work to contain so many powers that need us. I felt the hard work pays off and we are ready for this confrontation, “she agreed.

Translated from Hebrew