Rabin way.

The Central Command conducted an alternative Memorial Day in light of the late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. “There are values that accumulate on the ground through the legs,” said the education officer of the command.

תאריך: 10/11/2011, 18:50    
מחבר: פלורית שויחט, אתר צה”ל

Beyond the political character of Yitzhak Rabin z l, a substantial part of the Organization to be a personality, the Palmach and the IDF at central command didn’t forget, and decided to mark Rabin heritage month specified in the education Corps to conduct a memorial service shortly after: senior officers from the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and Commander of the central command, Maj. Gen. avi Mizrahi, participated in its memory all day navigation on jeeps, and the Memorial show “story.
Israeli love. ”  The activity was held this month at Yad blteron “armor.

Senior officers gathered at midday at Latrun and the cool split up to 12 teams, one goal-to beat other teams during battle of wits and stubborn about Rabin’s legacy wheels. The teams conducted navigation on jeeps from point to point, and each of them awaited them questions and riddles Danziger after Rabin-Harel Brigade Commander in the Palmach time
And, the establishment of the State, as an officer of the Centre front as Chief of staff during the six day war. Also questions about knowledge of the tkilo them.

The big winners in the navigation was the team that included the 98th General or
Aaron halwia, adjutant officer commanding Colonel Ronen Shapira, head of the seam project, Col. Ofer Hindi, Chief of armament command, Col. Michel Janco and חטמ”ר Commander Col. Yaniv allalouf Etzion.

The officers agreed a report in andtt, and sang the song ill affiliated with Rabin in an intimate atmosphere. “This is the first time we’re having with the memory of Yitzhak Rabin at a slightly different and creative way, went for the IDF education officer of the central command, Maj. desi. “The day of navigation learned
And the same in many fields, especially the land, heritage and significant points in the history of the State of Israel-Rabin and values that accumulate on the ground through your feet, or in the case
The four on four, “she said.

Translated from Hebrew