Ramadan Kareem: about one million Palestinians are expected to arrive this month to Israel

The mtep is expecting an increase in the number of visitors to Israel, compared to 840 thousand visitors each year. The crossings were instructed to conduct sensitivity submenu in the territory, including a ban on eating and drinking.

תאריך: 11/07/2013, 12:33    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

About a million Palestinians are due in the next month from Judea and Samaria to Israel during Ramadan. A unit coordinator of government activities in the territories were held beforehand to prepare for Ramadan, the year approved by the Defense Minister, Lieutenant General Benny Gantz Moshe Ya’alon (bogey), a series of reliefs.

Inter alia endorsed the entry of Palestinians into Israel during Ramadan over
60 without permits (men and women) and approved the entry of Palestinians from Judea and Samaria to the prayers Friday tefillot and alkadr ב”לילת” on the Temple Mount, for women
No age limit and no permits, and men over the age of 40 without permits. Men aged 35-40 issued the certificate based on permits. He also expanded the activity hours.

And operations officer for the coordination and liaison in Jerusalem envelope, Maj. Assaf Attias, said “the dramatic easing of high importance in view of their benefits
For the Palestinian population. Already have high satisfaction in the Palestinian Street following the easing of the published list. The mtep estimate that about one million Palestinians from reaching Israel, compared to 840 thousand people who arrived last year.

As part of preparations for Ramadan, soldiers also operate in various passages were coached for different against the Palestinian population. The soldiers were given hours of prayer
Permanent behavior accents, including an order to refrain from eating, drinking and smoking.
Due to fasting, the crossings equipped with huge fans too splattered drops of water on the crowd and consider
On the heat.

Translated from Hebrew