Ramat David airbase called named Ezer Weizman z l

So tontzach a character in historical annals of air force captain who made the Corps prior to the six day war victory and one of its Presidents of the State of Israel

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מחבר: מיכל ויסברוד, אתר חיל האוויר

Air Force Base Ramat David read soon named President
And the former Force Commander, major general Ezer Weizman z l in the Force decided to perpetuate the image of Weizman, who throughout his lifetime continued to be associated with the air force, reading the name on one of the major bases.

Weizman ended a pilot course in the RAF in the mid 40s. After receiving the
Pilot wings, served as a fighter pilot in North Africa and in the East in the Royal Air Force. During the war of independence he had already fought the collective taxi “, and became Commander of the” first fighter “Squadron. Weizmann later became Commander-level and Hazor, and served also in the Corps. At the age of 34 – age of the pilots controls day he became Commander of the IAF.

The air force continued to escort Weizman throughout his life. “To sit down today and see where this force makes me unusual marine”, he said decades later, as President of the State of Israel, in an interview to air force magazine. “If the deal looks like it is today, you can sit back and Pat yourself on the back. To see the air force of today is built on past courses, some of us contribute, delight. And I am convinced that the IAF is so strong, that he will continue that, “he said.

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