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אילן רמון ז”ל

Students from Ramon Fund “came to visit ב”טייסת the first jet to meet the operator’s legacy – an Israeli astronaut
Ilan Ramon

תאריך: 25/05/2012, 12:54    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Students from Karen Harmon arrived last week in Ramat David in northern Israel. Traditional business held the eighth year, and included a visit to ב”טייסת the first Jet” Squadron which had commanded Ilan Ramon
From 1990-1992.

Ramon letter “is a project which annually provides $ 5,000 scholarships Rona Ramon per seven youths from across the country selected from hundreds of students who have distinguished themselves both in school and in school, in their neighbourhood, their city and their country. Last year the eighth award, also named their son Assaf Ramon, who was killed two years ago in a training accident.

“The importance of the Squadron is to understand and recognize the legacy of Ilan Ramon, with the understanding that when they arrive they squadron to see action, and meet the people who knew him and worked with him,” said the IDF site einat oring, which is responsible for producing today. The next day, most students in matriculation examination in physics. However, everyone was really important to get even one which at the same time the States of his brother to be visited. “The fact that he chose to go in a very busy period shows how the contact with the Squadron and the desire to meet and how important the visit is significant for them,” said one.

The day began with students visiting the graves of Ilan and Assaf Ramon at the cemetery in nahalal, which overlooks, and laid roses on the grave and carry things.
“You are the ones that make me want to lead and be significant military service and life in General,” said one of the boys, who will join the pilot course.

Then came the outstanding base and met with the Commander of the Squadron, Lt.-Col. opens. “We
The squadron appreciate ashiitchm. The Squadron and the army in General, there is a deep connection to community involvement and doing things which raise awareness of the contribution to society and practitioners. much before, “said Monet. The boys and girls received
For an extensive explanation on the pilot Captain URI, quoted in the squadron who told them that over each course flew with Assaf Ramon the room and they were very good friends.

“We are very attached to the family, had a very strong through this project and other projects”, said Lieutenant Colonel opens. “One of the things I emphasize here is contributing to the community, nothing of great importance in our Squadron we undertaken including.

Lieutenant Colonel told the IDF site that opens the connection to it is very important to a pilot, and that “the visit itself contributes to are equally. Last year came just before a pilot consolidation and consult with us. In my opinion, the army is a direct continuation of community involvement and contribution, and this is not something trivial that boys are full of motivation. We are very excited about the relationship between the “safe project remains years
Including “.

Translated from Hebrew