Recommend tips: so pass the examinations for the elite IDF units

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For team building time to various cruisers רמ”ד sorts of physical mkachch tips on how to approach the next consolidation, as well as for him. “But the right to be true, how are you?”

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מחבר: יונתן שר, מז”י

The גדס”רי live, פלס”רי armor, יהל”ם, Sting, cherry, Glenn, and sky-rider on the way to the desired pin about consolidation. Whether you want to curl up with a German Shepherd, to fly a drone or to operate behind enemy lines, continuous target way.

The last round of recruiting is over, and many recruits of army arrived to the various bases where will training. But before they get used to army boots, punctuality and use the nifty celadon canteens, exported for consolidation in order to reach the elite units of them.

All open able to the novices, but it is better to consider the offer seriously because the transition to physical and psychological tests are designed to push the soldier to the limit. רמ”ד sorts a physical mkachch (infantry and paratrooper officer headquarters), Maj. Danny Ben-Dov, which features a team building, in order to find the secret to succeed them. “I am responsible to approve all sorts the IDF has physical,” says Maj. Ben Dov.
“Units that have special features that require you to come to them.
Need to perform sorts, whom are made before the draft, such as formation of paratroopers and some
In various stages of preparation of the Warrior “, he adds.

Meanwhile, contrary to what you may be thinking-a fine Warrior is a warrior, making major ABC that not all
Sorts are identical to each other. “The entire sort fitted by the nature and profile of the warrior unit is looking for,” he explains. “The only controls in the consolidation while consulting with us, and then we move him according to the instruction given in professional.
In itself seeking things like determination, motivation, and a large number of varying qualities, “adds Maj. Ben Dov.

Recommend tips: so pass the examinations for the elite IDF units

Although usually when we talk about formulating a concentrate mainly on physical workload, major Ben Dov speaks that not even the most significant part. “In some running, carrying bags and a stretcher and other physical tests, but the main thing is not necessarily the physical part. What it looking to see that after the physical. So there are all sorts of cognitive exercises and discussions, where you see the ability to express oneself and the quick thinking of the subject “.

In summary
Highlights major bear importantly to personality traits. One of the most important things is not to try to make plays, because ultimately they Peel the nature of man
Through the exercises. It is important to say to takers coming out ready physically and mentally, but the right to be real, how you, and try to get along. “

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