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Prayer team for wording of Tomaszow IDF presented its conclusions, the Chief Lieutenant General Benny Gantz. View the summary document of the Committee.

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מחבר: האלוף (במיל’) ישי בר

27 June 2011 appointed to head a team to examine the wording of Tomaszow “, in military ceremonies, and I was asked to test the version you remember and the nature of the ceremonies in the Israel Defense Forces Chief of staff on the ו”להמליץ remembers the true and worthy. ” Like other members of the team were dive-bombed by the Chief Military Rabbi (Brig. Gen. Rafi Peretz), youth and education officer (Brigadier General Eli shermister) and head of the casualties (Colonel Yair Ben-Shalom).

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The team was appointed to the role given to recent controversy surrounding “discovery” exhibit of the General staff 33.0901, as amended in 1962, with set of Tomaszow-style “disciplined military Memorial rites. As will be described in detail below, immediately after the Yom
Independence set for opening of Tomaszow version “, in his text כ”יזכור Berl Katznelson, with Israel the sons & daughters. ” However, according to the Joint Chiefs, according to the wording amended in 1962, the introduction ל”יזכור. The media revelation and public debate were largely ל”יזכור version change God, like we do.

Opening the discussion, the staff representatives of the organizations divenino rates of the family bereavement: “white hand” (Mr. Eli Ben Shem-יוסק’ה Chairman say Lautenberg) widows and orphans “IDF” Zahal (Mrs. Nava-singer-Chairman, Ms. nehama muskal and Ali Weinberg) and Mr. Nahum itzkovitz, Chairman of the public Council for the commemoration.

Yes we Mr. Arie Mualem, Vice President and head of the Defense Ministry in Tokyo. NGO representatives were invited to participate in all divenino and fortunately they complied and took part in the discussions, fully or partially. The team asked to consult with rabbis and intellectuals, calling the 85 memos sent us most bereaved families and minority citizens and intellectuals references. The team consulted with representatives of special groups with representatives from each family, with rabbis (Rabbi Yaakov Meidan, Rabbi Professor Naftali Rothenberg, Rabbi Eli Sadan, Rabbi Shai Piron, Rabbi Eitan iizman), intellectuals (Prof.
Anita Shapira, Prof. Eliezer shwed, Prof. Bennie man heilo, Prof. Danny statman, Prof. Moshe halbertal, Professor ASA kasher, Dr. Ilana Shamir) and Ms. Hannah Cohen, Director
Information Centre, Ministry of information and diaspora.

He also participated in team members of the extended Council of Yad LeBanim organization “, and played in front of dozens of Council members their positions on the Yizkor; Therefore the team participated in a meeting of the public Council for the commemoration of the soldier and the positions of its members.

During the discussions it became clear to the team members the embarrassment of size exists in around wording of Tomaszow. First, the Joint Chiefs never upheld some of the military units, and in some units, arms and troops, continued to read the traditional “of Tomaszow (remember with Israel). Secondly, the State-disciplined remembers, for instance, the ceremony mimmi
Herzl, independence day-when he left: remembers with Israel.

It occurred to us, therefore, that the IDF is “army of the nation,” according to the Basic Law: the army.
And subject to permanent wielded him consciously, in the joint text that differs from the State anosach. Thirdly, there is a specific different between Memorial Day ceremonies at official ceremonies, in which the army is an active participant, even if is not responsible for how to conduct.
Fourthly, the religious elements in the ceremony are not set by the Joint Chiefs.
On the contrary, the Joint Chiefs, the formula nowadays, regulates the procedure of maritime enterprise, but not the content. The book of rites prescribed content “and, in practice, by the officials who manage the service and, as you can see, the command itself.

During divenino we learned that us Dionne hurts concerning other neuron of Israeli society: on the one hand, those relating to grief and bereavement, and religious-secular relations,. For this reason we decided to discuss the issue discussed in appropriate sensitivity, given our minds to different positions in society in General, and in particular the bereaved family, and all the considerations relevant to discussion regavim


In this section I’ll discuss briefly the development of “Yizkor” prayer drive
In some communities, Israel; The text of the eulogy written by Berl Katznelson after fall of Tel-Hai warriors in battle in 1920; The adoption of Tomaszow “a secular State immediately after the eulogy
The end of the war of independence; The criticism play Goren in the 1950s and heroic on the printing of the book of Memoriam State remember the official “and changing the Joint Chiefs.

Yizkor prayer recited in Ashkenazi synagogues by fatherless or Motherless in three
And on the day of Atonement. This prayer is the only prayer praying for his soul prodigy or parents who have passed away. Next to the only prayer, prayer is a global “mercy” or to “remember” and relates to a deceased’s groups seeking to pray for their souls prodigy. For example, soldiers, the victims of the Holocaust or Jewish communities.

Berl Katznelson’s work was written in Tel Hai events (11 Adar in תר”פ.
1920) this version remember opens, “remembers with Israel the pure souls
Of sons and daughters. ” Berl Katznelson, a labor movement, was aware of Israel’s heritage and deliberately, in text, the ancient sources including expressions, of course, the word
Loaded in religious elements “to remember”.

This version of secular eulogy adopted by Haganah at Memorial ceremonies held for noplia. Members of the IDF’s culture (Colonel Aaron ahuvia and ZAA Wolf Malkin) continued the tradition and were matched the wording of the governmental version Katznelson, immediately after independence war (omitting the reference to the transaction values and significant indicators of the properties). This version appears in the opening pages of the book to remember the martyrs of the war of independence, published in 1955.

A number of shateprsem remember, Rabbi Shlomo Goren that the remember posted, mshmit
The name of the Lord, and print the letters סת”ם in particular remembers, my Holy injury to” the nation “. The Colonel’s letter (rank), Rabbi Goren, the Chief Military Rabbi, the Army Commander 11.1.56 to Orbach, Director of the Department, wrote to commemorate the Rabbi that he is aware of the State, anchored to remember commands the Joint Chiefs, but don’t get wording
Without a statement of “Heaven”.

He said: “so far not conducted any military Memorial without remembering the name of heaven, ב’יזכור or ב’אל complete mercy. But print only the text of the ה’יזכור without attach to the ה’יזכור or sacred prayer of ‘ mercy ‘ like you used, this injury in my Holy with Israel. ” Yes, that mostly pissed of Rabbi Goren went to publish several non-religious element to remember at least one of those in the religious tradition.

Unfortunately, all our attempts to obtain information on the staff to change the Joint Chiefs in 1962, unsuccessful. As mentioned above, on a different 1.4.1962 the appendix to the Joint Chiefs and the IDF remembers playing opens with the words “remember God’s sons and daughters.” However, as mentioned above, various military events continue reading the opening text ב”יזכור with Israel”, and this version continued to appear in later remembered, issued from 1969 onwards, were even after changing the wording in the joint.

The considerations presented, and various voices in the family bereavement

During the team’s deliberations seemed to us a few positions. On the one hand, the call to the old style “ו”המקורי, of an argument is the original version. Some see the wording that appears in the text, and readers to State “text” based on the transaction settlement, heritage, and culture of secular State version. So we heard various compromise proposals, including a proposal to change the intro to the remember to include “remember with Israel and remember God”, or “remember God remembers with Israel; Changing the introduction Israel ל”יזכור” or remember the God of mercy (prayer to remember God
Soldiers spirits for whom we pray for their souls prodigy. “).

Naturally there is much different in numerous of the bereaved families. And no sooner is said to enclose the public controversy only when the dispute between religious and secular ntachmt. Bereaved family members of many religious, and some rabbis, to us at “alternative to remember with Israel.” Some of them supported it in the first place and subsequently.
However, other religious voices calling for the preservation of the fixed version is currently the Joint Chiefs: also, and. Another recall that a significant portion of the bereaved families who appeared before us to discuss even in rather sternly demanded the religious elements of the ceremony, which they have for granted.

Although not considered scientific empirical test the position of the family bereavement, we can determine that the bright and clear position of rates (“Yad,” Organization of widows and orphans “), the public Council for the commemoration of the soldier, and a clear majority of the dozens of families that we’ve heard, is that effort-grstan, to retain the wording” to remember with Israel “, as well as respect for and preservation of the religious elements in the ceremonies.

Support our recommendations guidelines

Bereaved families position is extremely important to select the best alternative. This, of course, considering the price of all paid and given, among other things, the power of appointment given to Chief of staff members, which we have been asked to pay “special attention to the voice of the family bereavement”. Consideration of the second face bereavement In our opinion, given the test of “majority”, our most significant supporting the State adoption; However, let us also, minority voice feelings and relationships, as brought to us not omitted there.

1. Memorial Day and memorial ceremonies are “sacred”. With all Israel with our male noplio and to the bereaved families. By definition is a one day break barriers, and thin veins of sadness and some pain among us.
“We are all sons of one man in that day, we incorporated to disseminate It should, therefore,
The memorial ceremonies reflect unites us, and their contents to iuchwn common cultural denominator.
Expand. We should not make a Memorial moments factions, and fitting that the ceremonies will reflect a variety of cultures and traditions of the community. Allow the various rites to Jewish tradition and religious components, as well as the secular culture. Should aspire that all bereaved families, and participating in ceremonies, unite all elements of the ceremony. However, given the diversity among the families where, alongside secular, religious and atheists-giving expression to each and every one of the participants in these ceremonies. From here, because in addition to the existing traditional religious ceremony: “Kaddish”, “mercy”, and to some extent also read Psalms chapter, it should be possible during the entire expression and the secular culture.

2. the duty of memory is a must. Bereaved families do not need external imperative, both remembering loved ones every day and hour an hour. To a large extent, memory is the essence of life. On the other hand, the public also need to remember the fallen. This is mandatory. So, if “sentenced ishtchach dead from heart” we agree with forgotten
Systems in Israel. Therefore, positive reading, reading parts rule stimulates: duty to remember. Should play many the imperative “Yizkor” with Israel. This extraordinary sound and into the heart, must sound when diving and during the ceremonies.

3. we should strive for consistency, unity. You must strive that the remember the military ceremonies will be, as much as possible, to the State.

4. it should be stated in the joint all the service components: Holy and secular. This, in contrast to the situation today where the Joint Chiefs do, as stipulated in the procedure, not content.

5. the consideration must be taken into account in family bereavement position, providing adequate weight to different voices sound on victim

6. There is no dispute that Berl Katznelson use the box “remember”-a term loaded with religious backgrounds, discussed above, the secular eulogy. The State, remembers when he himself is text that is relying on sources of religion and tradition, but not a sacred world.
In religious context. If you add to this name of God, in the circumstances described above, there is no doubt that secular orientation were honoring the memory of public obligation, is expressed. Fundamentally speaking, the State is the video version of public consensus.


Further to the considerations agreed on all team members, we came to recommend to you the proper version, our opinions differed. We all agree that we should allow an expression in common memory to them. Therefore, to determine the Joint Chiefs do play most religious elements of the ceremony: dedicated and full of compassion, and the Psalms.

Though most of the team members have to adopt, along with all these, the wording “State remembers with Israel.” These recommendations are determined and of bereavement organizations hamotzi rates: “Organization and Chairman of the IDF” Zahal orphans widows and Chairman of Yad LeBanim organization “, and it coincides with the decision of the public Council for the commemoration of the day, 24/7/2011. The minority of Chief Military Rabbi, agrees that proper balance was possible in the first place, the State adoption. But once before years of text generation
“Remember God”, it is inappropriate now, he thinks, to omit the name of the Lord will remember. The Chief Military Rabbi is most of all soldiers, not a specific sector, and is also aware of the controversy in the Orthodox community regarding the proper version. However,
It is not morally, religiously, to join the majority recommendation. His mind was sound, it was suggested to adopt either of these alternatives: ל”יזכור opening with Israel and remember God, or alternatively, adopting the majority, that is, State version.
“Remember with Israel”-adding the prayer to remember, in the prayer, another component of the memorial ceremonies.

Most team members understand and respect the position of Chief Military Rabbi and. However, most staff members repeatedly refer to arrange an appropriate balance between the total and the positions and gaps in Israeli society, and the family bereavement.
In their opinion, apart from the religious fixation respectively, cited above, the Joint Chiefs, has to play in the State, many will remember, addressed specifically to the people Israel and which reflected the cultural values of memory. If, God forbid, we recommend that their feelings of bereavement and families in some of the Israeli public, we turned to Rabbi Goren’s letter-motivated, the process of change which the deceased held that ”
Not all military Memorial was held without remembering the name of heaven, ב’יזכור or ב’אל complete mercy. In our proposal, shall be expressed in the military Memorial “to heaven”, also dedicated to prayer too full, and in the Psalms. On all these add to the ancient sources, said about the importance of integration and unity among us, if God forbid harming our recommendation in the feelings of those who see amltzatno delete there, “great peace” to reduce their pain.

Most team members: youth and education officer, the רמ”ח and the report coincides with the special position of the family bereavement and the decision of the public Council for the commemoration of the soldier. recommends, therefore, the Joint Chiefs and unlock the remembered joint command appears in the reading, the repulsion hallowed in this years national memory:” remember with Israel the sons & daughters. “

Remember, and forget!

Translated from Hebrew