Recruitment for the aerial defense-requested of cyclic March

יירוט “כיפת ברזל”, החודש. צילום: חיל האוויר

The success of “iron dome” resulted from many of request to change that and can join the fighters guarding the skies.

תאריך: 21/03/2012, 14:21    
מחבר: יעל ליבנת, אתר צה”ל

Hundreds of soldiers arrived today (Wednesday) to the recruitment, on the way to join the ranks of air defense command. The array, which drafted him in recent years exacerbated, inter alia as a result of the establishment of the “iron dome” is the most requested
Among the raise cycle March 2012.
From the explanation to the upper echelon of the array, including the Commander of the air defense command, Brigadier General Doron gavish and Commander of air defense school, Colonel Yoni-Sayeda, stated that all availability to prospective there
Two candidates, which is the highest rate raising cycle. In addition, it is said that explanation since the latest escalation, where “iron dome” ballet, personnel Division received many phone calls from prospective interested and can change into air defense.
Discussion about the formation commander, Brig. Gen. Crystal with fresh recruits, said that “the data them exposed today stems from two reasons. The first and most basic is that you chose to be combatants in the military, even in the current non-trivial and I appreciate you very much. The second is that there is a big echo to the array, and what stands out is that every single one of them affects the strategic mission of the State of Israel. “
Maryjane, joining Terry
To an array, told IDF website that “I chose to join the array of pointers to fellow servants there, because the domain is very curious. Battery task ‘ iron dome ‘ my lady.
The motivation for recruitment was very exciting for me to see the success of the missions. The army added, Daniel Carpenter, said that “they told me to learn I was very satisfied. Even before the recent events I thought to ask for ל’כיפת iron creeps, but recent headlines really thrilled me. “
A strange people will base the rookies in their first day, Colonel Yoni-Sayeda, said that “the stabilizing cycle recruitment. The first recruited before the last batteries of “iron dome” and this cycle before recruit ‘ sceptre

Referring to the high level of motivation among prospective, said Colonel-rum that is Sayeda “due to their operational activities, of the youth hearing which is challenging him and makes him want to be a part of success and victory,” adding that “another element is the world of combat weapons technology measures. Youth today comes from world advanced technology, and the combination can be found in the best possible way. “

Translated from Hebrew