Red and white cooperation

צילום:דובר צה”ל

For the first time: Canadian physicians showed wide Binyamin Brigade to deal with operational events in Judea || The Canadian team included experts in the fields of surgery and emergency medicine who practiced shooting attacks and overriding medical forces in the field.

תאריך: 19/11/2015, 17:00    
מחבר: גילי קופר, אתר צה”ל

Canadian doctors came to Binyamin Brigade to take part in an exercise of medical forces. In practice, which was held last weekend practiced medical forces in targeting and overriding. For foreign surgeons this is an extraordinary experience, which is similar to rule you were living as doctors in hospitals. “The reality here is complex and requires us to deal with situations that don’t exist anywhere else,” went for medical officer of Captain Benjamin Paz, a pharmacist. “The doctors who arrived from abroad are not used to dealing with that at any moment they pop up to the surface to give medical treatment.” The Canadian team, about 20 medical professionals, arrived in Israel as part of a project, a study of 10 days when it signed cooperation with IDF forces.

“The exercise scenario was a combined event that included penetration herbawi shooting in Beit El,” said Captain pharmacist. “After the staff participated in exercise is also theoretical content and lectures, which explained the complexity of the life in Judea and Samaria.” In Judea and Samaria, you never know what to expect, whether the wounded Jews wounded Palestinians, whether the accident or attack. The exercise was held as part of the ongoing training of the medical sector, and also took part in teams of 4 “we practice all the time, the importance of maintaining a higher utility than ever lately. In practice the emphasis on cooperation with teams who held real mode, “explained the officer.

The doctors who come to Israel on behalf of the project are specialists in emergency medicine and surgery, surgeons and midwives. Anyone who has these areas touch comes to learn about the medical forces to cope with the situation in the country and operations during emergency events. These are people who are interested in the situation in the country and want to get to learn and contribute. There is no doubt that foreign doctors chshmpgishim with the effect is another. The professional function of adult 20 boys can’t help but leave a lasting impression.

Translated from Hebrew