A slow moving in traffic accidents: military vehicle installed systems and automated enforcement ש”ילשינו on drivers who exceeded the speed limit

תאריך: 28/08/2012, 16:03    
מחבר: הללי יצחק, אט”ל

Within road traffic safety week held in the technological and Logistics Directorate carried out safety commanders Conference which discussed trends in the field of safety in the past year and directions to plan activities for the coming year. One of the notable trends is the decline of
More than 20% of the amount of traffic accidents.

During the Conference showed that the commanders in the field. Chief ordnance unit of spatial northern command, Colonel Shai Zadok, presented the activities of the intervention teams for handling fire incidents and dangerous goods, as well as with the forces of אט”ל and fire extinguishing and rescue Lebanon civil. The Center Commander rehabilitation and maintenance, Colonel Sattar, introduced the task of improving safety in the Centre alongside climate risk management improvement in production processes, and the restoration of the Amal Centre Chief, Colonel Yoram Azoulay, presented the activities to prevent accidents, safety patrol performs inspections and drivers of vehicles, along with rewards and honours.

Another activity of אט”ל, presented by the Commander, Colonel Abdoul 10 Danny, is a” safe driving on vacation “performed by Murray civilian driver travelling and refresh the professional driver, professional lectures to raise awareness for driving under the influence of alcohol and the only Commander Eagle parents.

In addition, from technological and Logistics Directorate to install in their vehicles it audit system (co-driver). The role is for a remote control for the driving of vehicles using SMS to commanders or situation of the unit. For example, the report on drivers speeding or braking suddenly, would you let a car driven for several minutes without traffic, speed and acceleration.

Currently finishing Director Matt safety staff work, that will seduce all basic אט”ל in traffic engineering. “Mapping the main base.
It could locate the gaps and address them focus and prioritization.
Computerized mapping that replace the manual mapping onto papers streamline a process that once took
And reduce it to a few days, “noted r. Safety administrator, Lieutenant Colonel Elad followers. Currently, all based in an existing computerized map slowly indicating the necessary traffic arrangements, including the traffic signs and road markings.

In the replaced and completed approximately 1,500 faded or missing signs, and fixed
Road marks. It also built a program for handling access to bases with an emphasis on pedestrians.
In addition, all units defined target validation one signpost maps to 5
Years at most. “The importance of the project. Through a series of nodes we manage to prevent accidents and to maintain the security in the hat “, said Lieutenant Colonel followers.

Another project to raise awareness, education and road safety in the technological and Logistics Directorate is the increasing use of patches managed 6 (“How am I driving?”)
Pasted thousands of white and Brown vehicles (including trucks) used members of technological and Logistics Directorate. “We require the Department to use the sticker and paste it where to look for the drivers traveling on the roads in Israel, following the more people call to report traffic violations in real time,” explained Lieutenant Colonel Elad followers. “We encourage the reports that we get back to the complainant, verifying the details and handle accordingly. Each report is delivered to the appropriate unit and the investigation against the driver.

In the past quarter reached 150 reports reached a situation that made vehicles אט”ל traffic violations, compared to 120 in prior year reports. “We want to increase the amount to 700 a year to increase awareness and educate to drive safer,” said Lieutenant Colonel followers.

Translated from Hebrew