Refreshing in the summer dress guidelines: women allowed to wear sandals.

After you unlock the forbidden Sandals unfastened and discipline head for soldiering and flaunt Sandals lock ב”לק” transparent colored nails, pink or Pearl White

תאריך: 31/07/2012, 12:30    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Industry and discipline do you right in the middle of the summer uniform: head and discipline regime now, Lt.-Col. Oren Avraham, released today (Tuesday) a document for all soldiers and commanders about the guidelines and to Bush. Recently signed head אכ”א, Ali love, champion of the changes in the appearance and wear, which complement their approval and implementation.

Among the changes is a new line for women – duty today are allowed to wear leather sandals or leather-like sandals. Summer 2010 cancelled the permit of compulsory military service corps move with sandals. Today, two years later, it was decided to allow women to travel with sandals. However, the proper sandals that are black, without decorations, with one track ahead and another track on my ankle and a good earful closes with clasp. The height is 2 cm devices sandals.

Today they flaunt duty airmen in two shades of Nail Polish (the so-called “French”), depending on the colors of Nail Polish permitted for compulsory IDF combat units – transparent, light pink or white.

Additional points concerning the religious population concerning the unique items. It is forbidden to wear a yarmulke that appears on it any writing, but you can wear a yarmulke in every size and color. Substitute that religious life is status of married, divorced.
Or widow may wear a bite or a hat instead of the beret. These items are not limited in size, shape or type, but they must be solid in color and shades of black, gray, blue or olive green. In addition, a Druze religious lifestyle is allowed to move with a hat on every job, if his request is approved by head of population in now.

Meanwhile, all the rumors about ban sunglasses clearing: any soldier may wear sunglasses, however there are some restrictions. Forbidden sunglasses train when the soldier is in the Office or where there is a need to protect their eyes from the Sun, for reasons of operational safety and ceremonies or official or agency.
As part of an effort the industry and discipline to maintain the sampling of soldiers outside barracks and Col. Abraham issued general guidelines concerning appearance and clothing. As we know, a soldier must move.
A sample and allowed to move when he dressed in uniform parts of various kinds or clothing military and civil part. In addition, after soldiers captured in a military vehicle on duty wearing partial clothing or even a bathing suit – Northampton procedures.

In summary, mentioned the importance of the area Lt. Col. Abraham IDF subject discipline.
“Discipline is the most importance to ensuring its proper operation of the IDF and is a prerequisite for performing the task and effectively imposed on him”, said the document. Meanwhile, the instruction pointer Lt. Col. Abraham אכ”א head, Maj. Gen. Ali love, existence lineups
And dressed before leaving the soldiers iachidtam. During these orders provided highlights regarding behavior in public places.

Translated from Hebrew