Refreshing procedures in an attempt to thwart theft vehicles.

Following an increase in the number of thefts in leasing vehicles, sharpened the procedures
Requiring officers to avoid parking in unsafe sites and still every motor car port

תאריך: 30/07/2012, 12:48    
מחבר: רותם פסו, אתר צה”ל

Recently occurred in a number of cases of theft of vehicle leasing, porthole carelessness of users. In the document released today (Monday) to controls
In the network, the רמ”ח line of planning and budgets the butt (technological and Logistics Directorate), Colonel Eyal, to exercise caution with regard to their dealings with cars.

As a result of theft of the vehicle, opened investigations against users vehicles and taken actions against recommended by military prosecutor, including prosecution. Recently on the topic of judgment given against a defendant whose car was stolen, when stopped at the open shop in the city of residence and exited the vehicle. The vehicle was left unlocked, when the engine is on and the car keys are. At the same time, John went into the car and fled the scene. The vehicle, with estimated totals of tens of thousands of dollars before.

Accused of the offence convicted of maintaining military property for serious negligence, which led to the theft of the vehicle. The judge, Lt. Col. yifat Tomer-yerushalmi, noted in
That “the acute hatrshlot of the defendant, which was the result of significant economic damage to, the fact that the vehicle is not located until today. The defendant could have prevented the damage, but was taking simple and easy means of protection. For her.
Negligence, the defendant a sentence of two months ‘ imprisonment and a fine of 4,000 height.

As a result of this particular case and a number of other cases, the IDF decided to refresh
Procedures and sharpen the guidelines regarding the conduct of controls with vehicles. Colonel Eyal רמ”ח, planning and budgets the butt, that keep security during the use of the vehicle by performing some simple actions to prevent theft.
Users to turn off the engine when exiting the vehicle, lock it and take with them the keys to the vehicle.

In addition, you must maintain confidentiality and code do not list it on a key chain or work card. Also, do not leave an extra set of keys inside the vehicle or concealed on
The vehicle and avoid lhanut the vehicle unsafe sites.

Translated from Hebrew