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The completion routine cadets completed their training and joined officially the formation of the IDF’s combat arena later as Divisional contact officers and contact officers in special units

תאריך: 11/08/2013, 16:56    
מחבר: יפתח כרמלי, אגף התקשוב

The month ended combat Cadet 26 completion of teleprocessing have the training, the officers and the mask (communications officer – j. c. brigades), and officially joined the combat system of the IDF, as קרש”גים and קשר”גים, VP
A variety of different field units — artillery, armour, infantry, engineering and more. Later, they
Can continue promoting courses, officers to serve as officers of special units ‘ contact, contact Divisional officers and more.

The training, which lasted a year and eight months, finished the cadets in a three-week exercise, which practiced the activity as קשר”גים while living, the transition to action when, and practiced fighting in all sectors and describe, as Greece now all IDF fighters regiments passing through all sectors, regardless of the command shiukm. The exercise was part of a routine finish their completion, it made after
OCs at 1. gut

“The campers learned two different disciplines – with professional orientation in all the operational systems, and tactical field with orientation in all
IDF units and contours, gearing up to wartime activities and more, “says detachment commander
Hailit completion, Captain Lipschitz wave. “We’re taking everything they learned and throw them into deep water – we don’t explain to them what to do, they need to manage everything themselves. We, the staff, their operational requirements and let them make decisions. “

Among others included the exercise area exercise julis, cadets shared name three נגמ”שי knots, each in turn seemed another infantry regiment –, armor and artillery.

“The completion and final exercise in particular are the hardest part in track,” explains Captain Lipschitz, the difficulty is not necessarily in activity, but their construction as tkshovis officers. The regimental officer, although trained less than two years and ranks second lieutenant, is the ICT in the battalion. This is about.
On the job with a very high responsibility, and thus carry the responsibility and the difficulty of the role that they perform.

Translated from Hebrew