Report: Hamas responsible for war crimes against Israel during “pillar”

Human Rights Watch publishes the report scope against the Hamas terrorist organization and accuses it of targeting civilians in Israel, using
At the civilians as a human shield

תאריך: 24/12/2012, 14:48    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה“ל

The rocket of the terrorist organizations in the Gaza Strip against Israel’s civilian population constitutes an illegal act defined a war crime that according to a report published today (Monday) by Human Rights Watch. Comprehensive report accuses Hamas of killing civilians during operation “pillar”, more than a month ago.

The dialog displays the IDF data, according to which some 1,500 rockets fired at Israel during the fighting between 14 to 21 November. At least 800 of them attacked Israel territory, 60 rockets at populated areas. As a result, three civilians were killed and 38 civilians.
Injured critically.

The report criticizes Hamas, which uses bystanders as a human shield. Testing conducted by the organization found that terrorists fired dozens of rockets from densely populated areas and thus put civilians in danger from Israeli response.

Sarah Leah Whitson, Middle East Director at the Organization, noting that “Palestinian armed groups made clear in statements that harming civilians was their goal. There is no valid justification to launch rockets into populated areas. She said “a limited military arsenal.
That relies on the missiles largely arbitrary, does not justify failure to respect laws of war that apply to all parties in the conflict, regardless of their military capabilities.
Theirs. Governmental authority in Gaza, and Hamas has an obligation to stop the illegal attacks and punish those responsible. “

Translated from Hebrew