Report: Peru-organizations security apparatuses prepare flotillas

דובר צה”ל

The center of intelligence and terrorism Information Center publishes that Islamist extremist organizations-are planning to launch flotillas to Gaza. Israel makes it clear that
Not to break the naval blockade of the Gaza Strip, but will allow the transfer of all goods guidance
After airport security

תאריך: 10/06/2010, 18:17    
מחבר: ארנון בן דרור

Different countries and Islamist groups, international and declare that flotillas are expected to leave for the Gaza Strip, some are already within a short time. According to a report on Publisher Central Intelligence and terrorism information center, the Center for special studies.

These flotillas to produce media provocation, as Israel and clarifies that it is possible to dock at Ashdod port and transfer all aid through Israel to Gaza crossings after airport security. In addition to the Gaza Strip Israel delivers food, medicines and other goods and equipment daily and regularly.

Behind some of the organizations and individuals flotillas-Peru-Peru Palestinian security apparatuses from different countries in Europe is United Kingdom shboltt. These organizations were involved in the Gaza flotilla, a tool in the hands of Hamas, promoting radical ideology encourages.

Some of the organizations involved had stated their intention to launch a flotilla in the short term, and some of them are planning large aid flotilla in a few months. The degree of reality and practicality of
Various posts in question.

Iran’s Ambassador at or increased to do when an emergency call during the Islamic Conference organization for Forum membership to organize flotillas to Gaza, and the Iranian Red Crescent said that it would launch two ships to Gaza, he said, to go through.
As early as this weekend.

Another announced “free Palestine” the ו”התאחדות reporters without borders” has been removed in the current weekend aid ship to the Gaza Strip named Naji al-Ali,
Board 50 journalists and 25 European activists, including members of Parliament.

The Free Gaza movement, too, was a partner in the last flotilla trying to break the naval blockade on Gaza, announced that it intends to acquire Norwegian ship that will sail toward
The Gaza Strip. Other organizations from various countries, including Sudan and Lebanon, declared their intentions to take part in the flotilla to Gaza.

The flotillas – unlawful attempt to disrupt Israel’s right to self-defense.

The land question is trying to break the maritime blockade imposed by Israel on the Gaza Strip since Hamas took over Gaza in a violent coup in the summer of 2007, kill people belonging to the Fatah organization in Gaza Hamas entity
-A fundamentalist approach Islamic terrorist-denying Israel’s right to exist.

With the takeover of the Gaza Strip, Hamas began to run continuously by sea missiles, rockets and other weapons, as well as materials used to assemble the rocket weaponry were launched towards Israel indiscriminately and contrary to international law.

In addition holds Hamas in four years in the Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, in contrast
All international treaties, while preventing the Red Cross representatives to see him.

Israel’s Government decided to stop weapons smuggling by imposing a blockade on the Gaza Strip, strives to deliver food, medicines and other equipment and commodities daily. The tested to break that blockade, violates the basic right of the flotilla of Israel to defend itself.

As mentioned above, the Government of Israel announced back and forth because it doesn’t allow for break.
The closure, however, all goods that are on them will be unloaded in the port of Ashdod and transferred to Gaza crossings after airport security.

Translated from Hebrew