Report: the global jihad is based in Sinai by anarchy and led by Al-Qaeda


In the report published by the Center for special studies and information that terrorist organizations on behalf of the global Jihad activity in Sinai rely on logistical hinterland States
Like Libya, North Sudan and Iraq

תאריך: 14/08/2012, 13:36    
מחבר: מערכת אתר צה”ל

Global factors operating in the Gaza Strip and Sinai, strive to make the Sinai Peninsula for the intense activity of the global Jihad relying on logistical hinterland of countries such as Libya, Sudan and North Iraq – according to
A report which publishes today (Tuesday), the Center for information and special studies.

According to the report, published after the bombing this month in the area of Kerem Shalom, refers to the incident as a reflection of the global Jihad operating in the Gaza Strip to facilitate publishing
Of terrorist attacks against Israel through Sinai, taking advantage of the anarchy and chaos prevail there. Yet, he heir to encourage trained of Osama bin Laden-led Al Qaeda.

“Palestinian terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza Strip are accessible to local Bedouin networks, identify themselves with the global Jihad and both financial and business motives and ideological motives”, says the report. that terrorist organizations are exploiting the anarchy and lack of governance in Egyptian Sinai in favor of issuing attacks through.

“Hamas is trying to apply to organizations affiliated with the global Jihad and” other terrorist organizations “rogue, the policy of restraining attacks, although not always strictly and sternly her property when its vital interests are challenged, written report, noted that Hamas was trying to promote low ב”חתימה attacks, also allows other terrorist organizations to carry out attacks similar address.

“Hamas’s policy is expressed, inter alia, finding routes bypass the attacks in an area Israel through Sinai Peninsula, like rockets, setting goals
Israelis near the Israeli-Egyptian border and entering or smuggling into Israel, “depth,” Hamas and the other terrorist organizations are careful to hide this, and sometimes to deny its very existence, not to expose themselves to Israeli responses and not to complicate their relations with Egypt in particular following Muhammad morsy selection as President of Egypt.

Translated from Hebrew