Representatives from 30 countries are participating in the national exercise

דובר צה”ל

70 delegates from 30 countries have landed in Israel this week to learn how Israel
Plans to deal with falling missile scenario. “The experience of Israel made her
To possess knowledge and representatives come to learn the unique concept of the exercise, “explained the head of Directorate v

תאריך: 25/05/2010, 21:04    
מחבר: ארנון בן-דרור

Not only does Israel citizens are learning this week how to act in case of a rocket attack. 70 delegates from 30 countries worldwide are participating in the national emergency exercise turning point 4, “run by the national emergency management authority (רח”ל). Among the countries that sent delegates include Japan, China, Brazil, Ecuador,
Colombia, India, Mexico, the United States, many countries in Europe and other exotic countries.

The top of the run, Wolf (hot)-Cliff, greet the participants and thanked them for their arrival and their participation in the exercise, and expressed his desire to increase knowledge sharing among participating countries. Means for transferring and sharing information between countries to ensure adequate services level in various scenarios to the civilian population. I see this meeting as a base for cooperation and creating adequate infrastructure for future vision, “said Cliff-RAM.

During the week, delegates will tour the country, visiting the sites and search and rescue would manage crisis situations. They also visited Israeli heritage sites including Yad Vashem and the Knesset Israel. Kobi and imisberg, who manages the visitors said that the Conference is an opportunity to sit together and pass information to any country in the field of search and rescue. Unfortunately, the experience of Israel made her knowledgeable owner and representatives of countries coming to study the unique concept of the exercise which combines Government ministries, local authorities and civil organizations.

Translated from Hebrew