Rescue and warriors of the HFC assisted rescue involved in crash on route 6

רב”ט גור בזירת האירוע.

Immediately the case brought the corporal Ofir Gur. As search and rescue to help the troops: “I felt that the purpose of the job and training.

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מחבר: נעם ויטמן, אתר צה”ל

פיקוד העורף

CPL. Ofir Gur, a search and rescue brigades of the home front command, was en route to a base in road accident 6 Warren people, which crashed into a truck and a bus. The accident killed four people and injured 31. Corporal’s Commander, he and another three soldiers was originally thought it was a Fender-Bender, but after seeing the amount of ambulances and rescue helicopters on their way to levels where the accident they realized it was a casualty.

“Out of the car and ran toward the crash scene, replayed the conversation to IDF cpl. Ophir website. “It was the first time I’ve read that one,” testified, adding that “at first because I didn’t understand what was happening because I didn’t exercise simulates what was there.

However, corporal puppy lost his temper.
While commanding the regiment assisted in directing the helicopters he fire powers. “They saw
According to the PIN and beret I trained to search and know how to work with their tools, and
I began extracted, “he recalled. “I started to run on top of everything we learned in training and courses of action for extracting body parts,” said.

Soon flocked to other soldiers who felt to lend a helping hand to the search and rescue forces. “There were soldiers from other divisions, but we were the only two performers to do this job, so we could help,” said cpl. live and said that “what distinguishes us is the transition between the emergency procedure.

“I felt this was what I came to do this job objective and training. It’s very satisfying, “said cpl. live. On the way back to the base, he and his friends indulged in memories of the event. “All the way past and thought only about the accident. It’s hard to sleep at night after the things we saw, but it’s our job and that’s
Our goal in the search and rescue squads, “concluded.


Translated from Hebrew