Rescue mission flight training

צילום אילוסטרציה: דובר צה”ל

Under harsh weather conditions, strong winds and shroachot heavy mist cloud your vision, two CH-53 helicopters were dispatched to rescue his lost high school students during a school trip to the small crater

תאריך: 12/02/2015, 17:51    
מחבר: רתם קליגר, אתר צה”ל

חיל האוויר

Two girls who lost their way during a school trip in southern Israel on Tuesday, rescued by two CH-53 helicopters of Squadron Dorsey tonight. That night the weather was hard and heavy haze prevailed throughout the country. Flight controller who received the reading
The contact two CH-53 helicopters when returning from a training session in the South and their rescue mission. “We had enough fuel for another three-hour flight, said Lt.
Squadron leader, major Ben, which flew in the helicopter. “Usually these rescue missions.
Toss a helicopter land and combining accessed 669 unit forces, but because of the harsh weather, it was decided to send a helicopter that is already in the air to get the job done. “

Ground forces rescue his helicopter when the second chopper stays in height and began to build responses to scenarios such as freeing the lost childhood in hospital or treatment. “We have reviewed the area three times according to the assumptions of the ground about the location of childhood”, reconstructed major. The third recorded time flashing light on the small crater and sent back to lights that we recorded. The weather was very difficult on the flight and so did another round and checked if there are vehicles that can reach the extraction, but realized that the helicopter is her best and fastest in this case. “

The helicopter landing about 50 yards from where the girls awaited. “It was dark and difficult terrain. We found really borderline for landing point, the slope of 10 degrees. Immediately after landing the bottom unit ran and brought the children to
The helicopter. They were slightly confused, but health and wholeness which is why we back and returned them to the bottom of “Squad, Maj. Ben.

Bouncing of extracting mossek occurs about once every month or two squadron Dorsey tonight, but usually didn’t read the bottom. “He was lucky there were no girls stuck in a ravine and unaffected in a font, we needed a special rescue of 669.
The helicopter was just the tool I could find and collect them at maximum speed.

Translated from Hebrew